| Cheap ZCash Mining Contracts


we are a small company from germany. We mine since a few years for our selfs.

We can offer ZCash Mining Contracts with a good H/s rate to a good price.

We work hard in improving, so we can say that every contract will get for free a higher rash rate in next months.
If ZCash is no more economically, we willl switch you to another coin like ETH, ETC or something like that for free.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us.

U can use email or skype: chrizzo2k7
For european users, you can also use phone (German and English are supported).

Hi guys, we calculated so much the last days and get new prices and hash rates.

Single H/s is 11€ / 11,65$

When you take the XL Package you have the best! 450 H/s for 3850€ / 4080$. (8,55€ or 9,06$)

We going in audit / certification with some important crypto platforms. Soon we will report if this happen, and then we are listed as offical mining company.

We hope you like it :slight_smile:

Greatings from germany
Chris - CEO

Hi all,

we updated again.

Single H/s is 8€

When you take the XL Package you have the best! 600 H/s for 3850€ / 4080$. (6,41€ per H/s)

We think, we will upgrade one more time this year for our customers.

Greatings from germany.