Zcash Cloud Mining Contract (Zeropond) 100 h/s - 12 Month Mining Contract


I am selling a genesis mining contract that is from from Zeropond (the big daddy of cloud miners). Here are the details:

Contract Length: 12 months
51 h/s (1 month - November)
100 h/s (12 months - Start December)

Contract start date: 28th October 2016
End date: 28th October 2017
Hashing Power: 100 h/s*

*zeropond has promised to pass on any hashing power increases (from refining their miner) to their customers. Therefore you are really purchasing any future hashing power as well. This really is the BEST mining provider on the market at the moment.

You can login into the Zeropond website and update the payout address at anytime:


Zcash has a slow start so the current mining reward (as of today) is only around 1 ZEC per block. This will continue to increase until it reaches the maximum block reward (12.5 ZEC) in about 1 month’s time. Then you will be able to see the real return of the contract.

ESCROW - I don’t mind. If needed, it will be via Dabs, link to his profile here:

Any escrow service fees are paid for by buyer. Look at my trust history (klintay on btctalk) and you will see that I am trustworthy.

After full payment you will receive:
login ID + password to the zeropond account

Payment Info
Payment via BTC
Price: 11 BTC
BTC address: 1Q2ezgFmbL6npPBNnD9qPJmGdZGDnC9S1X

Isn’t cloud mining kind of a scam?

For 11 BTC, you could build 4 x 6 GPU rigs with around 600-700 Sol/S total.

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Can I buy part of your contract?

I would be interested in 20 H/s of genesis contract at 10% discount from the price you get from zeropond directly.

Escrowing is fine of course.

@vgm there is currently no 100 h/s miner out there publicly. Also if you want to pay for all the equipment and then electricity to run and it is noisy and hot then be my guest.

finally the hash rate will go up as zeropond improve their miner and they have promised to pass this on to the consumer.

@monkey no otherwise i will just keep it for myself. I am only selling because something came up and i need btc back now.

this really is a steal at this price. it is already a discount from what i purchased for.

@ilovezcash Umm I beg to differ, I’m getting a combined 300 H/s with my two 480 rigs. And they didn’t even cost me half of what you’re asking. Sorry to be there bearer of bad news, but I just wanted to make sure any crypto-newbs reading your post know that cloud mining is basically a scam.