1070 which OS and which Driver (solved)


i have 2x1070 was hashing at 970 sol/s in Win8.1 OS, I switched to win10 and now i can’t even get 900 sol/s, same setting same driver 384.94
I also noticed my temps are higher with win10

advise please.

Edit: updating to win10 v1703 gave me the missed hash :slight_smile: thx all

Can you try to switch back to Win 8.1?

i will see later, I was happy to leave that useless win8.1, but now i’m thinking going back to it, bur befour i want testing some old driver version and see.
I wounder, If difficulty rise we lose hash power or just we earn less?

You earn less, but hash rate doesn’t change.

Update windows to the latest 1703. Gave me extra 30sols/s on each of my gtx 1070.

that what Im doing now, but keep geting error with windows update, I will reinstall win 10 v1703 ISO directly and see what i get.


Did you Upgrade from 8.1 to Windows 10? If so, I’d start with a clean install instead. You also didn’t mention which miner you’re using. EWBF’s CUDA miner gives the most hashrate on the nVidia side.

no i did a clean install, and im using same miner EWBF, same setting same driver 384.94. used in win 8.1
now I m downloading the update 1703 for win10 we will see how it performs after the update,


Any particular reason you’re using the same drivers instead of the latest ones (385.xx)?

in the beginning I installed the latest one, got low hash I thought testing the same driver ( also I found some one in reddit saying last driver got him low Hash too) i tested all driver :smiley: 385 384 382 :stuck_out_tongue:

I will keep you informed after testing the 1703 update.


I notices after updating to the latest driver 385.41, it is giving me lower hashrate. around 2660 Sol/s. When I was on 385.28 it was giving me about 2700 Sol/s. I am thinking about downgrading.

which Version of Windows are you running? don’t forget using DDU to uninstall Gpu driver,
now I m installing v1703 i will test and give feed back later.

Win10 v1703, will uninstall driver with DDU and report back

I confirme Win v1703 gave me more hash, now with both 1070i hashing at 1k sol/s :smiley: driver 384.94

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So 500sol/s each. Are the cards running at 100% power (TDP) not 85%?

power 100%
Core +130
memory +650
temp 70c with fan auto 60%

Any reason you set TDP at 85? I thought anything above 80 was not efficient?

Havent done the proper math, i guess just lazy. Currently running at 85% TDP and 460-470 sol.