80 Sol/s per GTX 1070?

Hi guys i’m using the EWBF Cuda Miner and I’m getting around 80 Sol/s per 1070 (I have 6 cards) I’ve looked online and people have had more sol/s on one 1070 than all of mine put together does anyone know what’s wrong with it? My rig is only 2-3 months old thanks guys

hi and welcome!

can you tell us a bit more about?

which driver, which monitoring software do you use, what does the software show?

Hi mate I have just took these photos of a few thinks I have msi afterburner and gigabyte xtreme gaming engine, it seems to be taking a lot of cpu the msi live update program

ok first thing. you need to decide between MSI Afterburner and Gigabyte Xtreme Gaming Engine. this two together could cause also issues. I would take the MSI it is the most developed of all those monitoring software.
then change the MSI skin with the V3 skin so I and you can see more graphs at once so you don’t need to do hundreds of screenshots. I see only the power % used. can’t do much only with this parameter.

is the Live Update 6 Application always using so much CPU? if so you could disable it from autostart and just run it once per month, if you want to use it for the updates.

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I’ve just closed the live task and a few others now getting over 2700 sol/s!!! Thanks a lot man

lol, ok (20 char neede)