1x GTX1070 EthOS


Could you please guide me on what performance could I expect from one GTX1070 on EthOS when mining Z cash? Currently I am getting around 70sol/s with nanopool. Does it seem reasonable?

Thank yo in advance.

70? rly? 1070 can get up to 500 depends which brand you have, expect 460sol as avg with some OC ofc
in my case i have Gigabyte G1 can reach 480sol and MSI gaming X can reach 500,
I was using win8.1 miner report 990 for both and pool avg 960-970, switched to win10 I lost some hash now even 900 is a dream for me, I will update to win v1703 and see,


70 Sol/s is not acceptable from a 1070. You should be getting 420-470 dependent on card. What miner does EthOS use for Zcash? I’ve never used EthOS so I’m not sure. That being said, in order to get the most hashrate out of your hardware you’ll want to use EWBF’s CUDA miner. No other miner pumps hashrate as high as it does for nVidia cards at the moment.

Thanks a lot nekkidtrut! Switched now to Windows and EWBF and I am getting ~420sol/s.

if you switched to win 10, Update it to v1703 that will gives you more hash, with OC you can reach 500sol/s

EthOS is good, you should change your config fo ewbf miner and little but tune :slight_smile:

you should get about 450+ sol/s

im using win10 v1703 using EWBF now and hashing with 2x1070 at 950-1k hash/s :slight_smile:

i have stable 480now but still dont see reason why using Windows :slight_smile:

So to conclude my journey: I went back to EthOS and started using EWBF. All is good now. I get around 430 Sol/s on GTX1070 with stock settings. Thank you for all the support!

I get the same - although it can take 24 hours for it to reach that level and initially starts around 400 sol/s…