NVIDIA low hash rate, I think?

Hey I have 2 NVIDIA GTX 1060. One is a Strix gaming card and the other a Zotac. I got equihash miner to work through miner gate, but the hash rate on minergate seems significantly lower.

I get that minergate isn’t accurate, but my console see above says a Khash/s at about 440 for both cards, while miner gate reports like 200 khash/s. I know the bots can be wrong but it is a large difference, and when mining ETC through minergate the hash rate is closer to what is reported in my console.

So is my hashrate low for these 2 NVIDIA gtx1060 cards or is this just a common problem? When i used the EBWH algo (I think that was the name), i was getting like 200khash/s in the terminal so I’m concerned something is actually wrong since I’m seeing the # 200khash more than once with two different miners.

Motherboard: Gigabyte H270M-D3H


pic of console

Don’t use Minergate. There’s been allegations that they’re skimming off miners. If nothing else, it’s clear they’re not measuring hashrate properly.

so in your opinion I am actually getting 445 sol/s?

What Sol/s do you get with EWBF or dstm’s miners?

EWBF said about 200 sol/s which didn’t make sense. I’ll have to look into dstm’s, for some reason a lot of miners won’t install on ubuntu or I run into a problem. I think that is due to the multi-cuda versions they are built on.

You should be getting approximately 250-270 Sol/s from each card. You may have to play with power and OC settings to get there though.

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so I switched to dstm and I am getting 600 sol/s which is more inline with what I would have expected based on reviews of the NVIDIA. Thank you friend, much appreciated!

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so you’re getting 300 H/s each GTX 1060 for a total of 600 H/s? They way you have it written it sounds like you are getting 600 H/s per GTX 1060

Minergate is rubbish. Use EWBF’s miner. You should get at least 260h/s on a 1060 3gb and ~300h/s+ on a 6gb one; I have 13 1060 3gb ones. They get ~275h/s or so. Use Flypool for your mining pool.

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Totally agree. EWBF miner / Flypool Mining Pool are the options to use… and I benchmarked many of them a few months ago.

Just a side note, dstm’s miner is also an option and has been shown to offer higher Sol/S for some.

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Thanks for the info. I will try it for sure!

@CitricAcid, I’m getting 300H/s per GTX 1060 using dstm’s miner. Sorry for confusion.

I am using supranova but I will look into flypool mining

Agree on dstm miner, I get roughly 7% higher hashrate compared to EWBF with 21x 1070s