1080 TI for Zcash mining

How much do i expect to earn a day using 3 of GTX 1080 ti GPUs?

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There are several variables. Personally, comparing calculators to real world, the calculators can be off +/- by up to double depending on real world variables. Internet connection latency to pool, reliability, true hashrate (Sols/s), difficulty of ZEC varying throughout the day, maintenance, rig setup, OS, GPU brand, and more. Three cards like you mentioned could earn you (before expenses!) anywhere from nothing (power outage) to $2.00 per day. You mileage may vary. Contents may settle. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear. Sold by weight not volume. Coffee is hot. Other posters will have varying opinions. Flame on! :slight_smile:


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Earning for 1080 ti: from 2$ to 6-8$ a day.
With these market prices I would say 1.5$-2.5$ a day, but I highly believe we are in a temporary situation with the market…



you can input the hashrate to calculate expected daily/weekly/monthly revenue.

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