Why am I earning less now?

I have been using NiceHash miner yesterday on my i7 4790 + GTX 1070 rig and with around 60 sols/s, it showed me that I’m earning around 8-9€ per day.
Today I checked again on my rig and noticed that now I’m only earning 5,7€ per day, with same sols/s rate.

Am I doing something wrong?

you do understand your earnings are related to the currency rate on the trading platform? The price of ZEC went down in last 2 days.

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The Difficulty has been rising drastically over the last couple of days making it harder to solve blocks, the price of zec has also dropped

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Lately there are too many noobs who shouldn’t be getting involved in mining without understanding the basics of difficulty.


In one day my profit went down by 35%.
So what can I expect in few weeks or months?

Will I even get enough to cover power usage after few months?

Most likely within the next few days your CPU won’t make you anything.

Your 1070 should make you at least $1-$1.50 USD a day when things settle down and ZEC profitability becomes what ETH profitability was before the launch.

You won’t be making 6-8 euros per day with your setup forever. If it was that easy, I would quit my day job and just mine for a living.

Cpus should still be making a profit, relative to other coins like ethereum, they are far more efficent at mining zcash.

Well good to know :slight_smile:
I was just about to buy RX 470 to build new PC just for mining and I would be adding more of those RX 470s on the go when I would earn some more money.
I guess it would be too good if it was possible to earn 4€ profit with each GPU per day.

GTX 1070 is using about 0,4$ of electricity per day, so for 0,5-1$ profit per day I probbably won’t bother with mining.

Thanks for info, and sorry for dumb question, but I’m kinda new to this.

The only way to make some decent money is to have cheap electricity and a huge amount of GPUs.

The 1070 and 470 are very power efficient so it will be a while before you start breaking even with electricity but don’t expect more than 1euro per GPU per day profit.

However if ETH and ZEC goes up in price then you will make slightly more but everyday more and more people will start mining and the profits will start decreasing again.

i got 2 rx 470s mining at the moment, make sure you get the 8gb version, saphire nitro are very good.
I am getting 60-70 sols with 2 of them using genoil 0.4.2

Yes but they are way too expensive, way too slow, and you can only have 1 per motherboard.

You can’t have 100 CPUs mining at your house.

@adaseb what GPU would you recommend that would be the best for Zcash mining?

@mrwiggles Why 8GB version? From benchmarks 4GB version seems almost identical. Also SilentArmy made video that 4GB version is doing around 35 sols/s.

Right now since the miner software is still under development its hard to say which GPU will be the most efficient.

But for ETH minings its the 470 4GB, which is cheap at $200 USD and hashing at 28.5MH/s and uses only 130Watts.

XFX RX480 GTR XXXX very cool and they don’t run much in terms of watts

These are the ones I have

420w on 4x RX480 running Genoil v0.4

They are good but cost more than the 470 and have the same speed.

@adaseb I was thinking about buying RX 470 4GB, but since it would be only 1-2$ per day, I don’t think it’s worth the strugle. Would take me almost 1 year just to get back money I invested.
Money truly doesn’t come easy xD

if you sell your coins as you mine them you will be making a small profit, but if you hold your coins, they could be worth a lot more in time ( or a lot less :stuck_out_tongue: ) People speculate bitcoin will rise to $1000 by the end of 2016

if you make a miner you will always be in a better position to start mining as new coins become available .

At the end of the day though it depends on what you want with a miner.

I mainly mine for fun and as a hobby.

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Yeah but its still much better than most other investments out there.

My case, I didn’t have to buy new hardware … I still had my GPU’s from 2013 when I was mining, and they have been doing great … albeit the price is as many have mentioned, dropping drastically (as to be expected).

i7-4770k (shows @ 3.5 in NiceHash, but I have it OC to 4.3)
2 x R9 290 XFX Black OC Edition (overclocked)
getting ~ 95 Sol/s

Here is a pic of it

Currently making $9.45 a day … quite the drop from $13/day yesterday, but still pays for my shared electric, and better than it sitting here collecting dust.