Not getting enough ZEC per day


I have a single Palit Geforce 1080 and am using Bminer for mining Zcash and this is my pool:

My issue is that I should be getting around 0.9 ZEC per day. But if you look a the above link, especially the payments section, I am getting less than 0.9 ZEC per day since 2017-12-14. As payout usually happen in 30+ hours

Am I doing something wrong?

I hate to burst your bubble, but 0.9 ZEC/day is not a reasonable expectation for a single card, not by a long shot. In fact, you’d need around 7-9 1080Ti’s running in order to get 0.09 ZEC/day at this point, an order of magnitude less than you’re interested not sure how you did your calculations, but for a reasonable expectation of earnings,you can look at whattomine. Best of luck moving forward!

I’m not sure where you’ve read that you should be getting 0.9 ZEC per day, but you are wrong. Your single 1080 is working at about 528 sol/s on average - and to get 1 ZEC per day you would need about 65,000 sol/s - or about 125 of the 1080 cards.

One ZEC at the time of writing is about $475 - so based on your initial post, you thought you’d be earning about $430 USD per day from your investment of $600 USD… This is not the case.

But if you assume that ZEC stays around $475 and the difficulty does change for the next 12 months, then you could earn about 0.29 ZEC per month - or about $147 USD.

Have a look here for an example based on your card:

Made a type. I wrote 0.9 instead of 0.09 which is correct to expect in 24 hours right?

That’s still too high. I have 2200 Sol/s and make approximately 0.04 ZEC/day. I don’t know where you got the impression that you would make 0.09 ZEC/day with a hashrate of 528 Sol/s.

Where are you getting your information from? That might explain why your calculations are off.

Look at the link I put in my reply… It is very clear there and breaks it down. 0.009 per day…

You keep adding a 0 every time 0.9->0.09->0.009. The last figure is the correct one.

@ current prices a single 1080 will get you about 3.00 to 3.75 a day or 0.008

@ current prices a single 1080ti will get you about 4.25 to 5.05 a day or 0.0106

and you need about 50k H/s to get 1 Zcash a day

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