1080ti 500 sol/s

Im getting pretty lame results on my x8 1080ti rig

Core: 100
Memory: 500
C: 75
%: 76

Any ideas?

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For -

core - 110 to 200

memory - 100

power - 225 w

And what miner are you using?

@NutellaThief Try EWBF’s miner, you may get better results. I’m getting about 750 sol/s per 1080ti with core +150 and memory +350.

btw, using simple mining

SMOS is not a miner. It’s a OS. Operating System. Like windows but it’s Linux. The mining program could be dstm , ewbf. So which one?

here is mine. 2 x Asus GTX 1060-6GB
my state at nanopool :

OC : core +100
memory : +400
miner: EWBF
my elec cost is 0.02$/KW ( I live in iran)

my setting at MSI afterburner. i use manual control for fan speed

here is its curve

You don’t have GTX 1080 ti’s like the person who started this thread! So your post has no help for him.


Thanks for the support guys :slight_smile: It was my mistake was set on the wrong mining pook
Getting 700sol/s

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