2X 1080ti 1× 1080 only 1200/1300 sol/s


I just set up my first rig with 2x 1080ti founder edition and one 1080. By searching on the Web I predicted they would have to pull cca. 1800 sol/s but I am only getting 1300 sol/s. One 1080ti when only one turned on does less than 500 sol/s. My specs are:
Motherboard : biostar tb85 6gpu 1150 socket
Processor : intel celeron 1840 2.8 ghz
PSU: 2x EVGA G3 1000w

And I use nqminer 5c

My nvidia drivers are up to date

I use molex powered raisers being powered straight from PSU

Can anyone help?

Hi I have the Same issue

I have Rig Running 4 x MSI GTX 1070's, Thats are pushing out 1700+ Sols Which is Fine.

Then I Have Rig Running 2 x Zotac GTX 1080's and its only managing to get 900 Sols if im lucky with overclock, With some Research is saw that these cards should be doing at least 500 Standard.

Using Nicehash to mine, The Rig with the 1070's switches to Equihash often, However the Rig with the 1080's never Switches as it seems to mine the other algorithms fine.


EWBF is the best CUDA miner at the moment. What do you get with that? I'm not sure where you got the idea you would be getting 900+ Sol/s from each of those cards. You could probably tweak to get another 50-70 Sol/s from them.

Sorry I mean im expecting to get at least 500 sols from each Standard so Total of 1000 but at the the moment im only getting 900 in total and they have been overclocked to get to that 900.

Ill try EWBF , Just like using Nicehash for the convenience.


I have problems getting EWBF to connect to Supernova pool. I use command listed on their Web but it says it cant connect? Am I missing something?

I was referring to @Keur who "predicted" he should be getting 1800 Sol/s with 2 1080 Ti's. :wink:

What is in your .bat file?

No, sorry if I was a bit unclear I meant that 2x 1080ti and 1x1080 should do around 1800 sol/s but I am only getting 1300 sol/s

i use this command for EWBF miner.exe --server zec.suprnova.cc --user suprnova.1 --pass x --port 142 --cuda_devices 0 1 2 3

I have never used supernova but this is what I use for flypool

miner --server asia1-zcash.flypool.org --port 3333 --user t1JsDuZtJgG9hLW4izZaetym4WBMq9tACdq.rig0 --pass x --fee 0

PS: Don't hate on me for removing fees.
PS1: If my solution worked for you, please mine for 5-10 minutes using my address to say thanks.

For Suprnova you should create an account and create workers. You would then need to change --user from suprnova.1 to yourusername.workername There are full instructions on Suprnova's site:


It looks like you literally copied to line into your bat file instead of editing it.

Yea I mean I did that, this is actual line:

miner.exe --server zec.suprnova.cc --user Center1.Prvi --pass Prvi1080 x --port 142 --cuda_devices 0 1 2 3

I have a worker on Supernova and works fine with nqminer ( besides the low hash rate of only 1700 sol/s with 2x 1080ti and 2x 1080, i added one more 1080 ), but EWBF says cannot connect

You have a random x in there, I've bolded it. Unless a space and the x are part of your password? (Which btw you should remove and didn't have to paste here) :wink:

Thank you very much. EWBF is working much better ( 2300 sol/s vs 1600 sol/s) I guess issue was in nqminer. All good now thanks again.

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Thank you with EWBF im getting around 1100 Sols Now Just a quick Question Im mining straight into Poloniex is that fine as I read you cant mine into JAXX.

Or is there a Better Wallet


Theres a typo in their guide, the port you gotta use is 2142 not 142.

Deposit adress is only for deposit and expire after 5-7 days