10x GPU 1080 TI Setup Idea

You can power your rig with two 1500W PSU no problem, 2500W for the cards and an extra 250W for risers/mobo/SSD. However, you will be dangerously close to maxing out the master PSU if you are splitting…so you will definitely want to reduce the TDP of your cards to <80%. Frankly, three 1200W is probably a better idea. What kind of circuit are you on? I hope it’s 220-240V, cause no way a rig that size is going to plug into one 120V circuit, unless you want to burn your place down.

Three questions for you:

  1. How’s the temp on the cards and around what hasheate are you getting on each?

  2. Is it doable only on Linux? Can windows 10 run with 12 or 13 GPU? If not what would be the limit?

  3. What’s the best cards on the market now for setting up 13 cards? I saw from your other post talking about corsair 1080 ti and so I got a couple of them and I can only manage to get to around 715sol/s with ~215w. The temp stays at 61c and any comment would be much appreciated.


Personally I like to use 4 psus and the 850s are just over half the price of the 1200s. That seems like a better deal too - even with the add2psu cost added. We even designed a rig if anyone is interested.IMG_20170801_142547190IMG_20170807_165306648IMG_20170807_165317284

Only because you don’t pay shipping

Decided I’d go with 4x Corsair RM1000W X PSUs, I’ll get the Molex risers only for them to be extra safe on the fire hazard, combination of 10x GTX1080ti (Cant find 10 of the same brand so will buy 5x EVGA SC2 1080 ti and 5x Gigabyte gtx 1080ti and ofcourse the ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ MB for it, standard RAM, CPU, SSD and ethOS initially, will look at Windows later - just focusing on Zcash and Ethereum. Any tips/Comments appreciated.

Thanks all.

P.S. Will have dedicated power circuits setup for them.

You have a really nice rack… LOL!

Where did you get it?

We custom made it for 12 GPUs. We are planning to make extras in case others want some too :slight_smile: I should have an ebay listing by tomorrow – maybe even later today if I’m lucky.

I love it. Be sure to PM me the link!

Thanks, I’ll be sure to check it out for the next rig (if this one produces the way I’m hoping)

These are around 60c. Win is limited to 8 nvidia cards. Linux has no limit that I’m aware of but you need to do nvidia-settings overclocking and nvidia-smi power level changes manually (or by script).

For 215w 715 sol/s is normal. 250w would give you about 735-745 (before overclocking).

Honestly, it just depends on what you want. Even cheaper ~$700 1080 ti cards are doing well at mining. Is the extra water cooling worth it for you? If not, just get a less expensive card.

Good luck!

So I ordered everything I mentioned in first post (Mostly) But took 10x 1080tis (EVGA FTW3) and the Mintcell ver 6 risers as advised here and bits be trippin vid… ASRock H110 x13 gpu motherboard, i3 7700 cpu, standard RAM and SSD, 4x 1000w psu’s (Might be overkill) - will be using ethOS…

Just wondering… Is there a way to dual mine ZEC + Hush coin; couldnt find any guides on it, has anyone tried?

I understand they are both equihash… Just getting standard whattomine info on whats most profitable and its seems these two always top 4.

Any advice?

Ill send pics once Im done (It’ll take about 10 days to get to me here and yes I have free electricity)