6 x 1080 vs 6 x 1080 TI

I can only have a max of 1800w or my breaker will trip. Initial investment is not a problem. Will I be able to build a 1080TI rig on 1800w)

According to whattomine you will be able. https://whattomine.com/coins?utf8=✓&adapt_q_280x=0&adapt_q_380=0&adapt_q_fury=0&adapt_q_470=0&adapt_q_480=0&adapt_q_570=0&adapt_q_580=0&adapt_q_vega56=0&adapt_q_vega64=0&adapt_q_750Ti=0&adapt_q_1050Ti=0&adapt_q_10606=0&adapt_q_1070=0&adapt_q_1080=0&adapt_q_1080Ti=6&adapt_1080Ti=true&factor[eth_hr]=210.0&factor[eth_p]=840.0&factor[gro_hr]=348.0&factor[gro_p]=1260.0&factor[x11g_hr]=117.0&factor[x11g_p]=1020.0&cn=true&factor[cn_hr]=4980.0&factor[cn_p]=840.0&eq=true&factor[eq_hr]=4110.0&factor[eq_p]=1140.0&lre=true&factor[lrev2_hr]=384000.0&factor[lrev2_p]=1140.0&factor[ns_hr]=8400.0&factor[ns_p]=1140.0&factor[lbry_hr]=2760.0&factor[lbry_p]=1140.0&factor[bk2b_hr]=16800.0&factor[bk2b_p]=1140.0&factor[bk14_hr]=26100.0&factor[bk14_p]=1260.0&factor[pas_hr]=10200.0&factor[pas_p]=1260.0&factor[skh_hr]=285.0&factor[skh_p]=1140.0&factor[l2z_hr]=420.0&factor[l2z_p]=300.0&factor[cost]=0.0&sort=Profitability7&volume=0&revenue=7d&factor[exchanges][]=&factor[exchanges][]=bitfinex&factor[exchanges][]=bittrex&factor[exchanges][]=bleutrade&factor[exchanges][]=cryptopia&factor[exchanges][]=hitbtc&factor[exchanges][]=poloniex&factor[exchanges][]=yobit&dataset=Main&commit=Calculate


??? what to mine has nothing to do with if he will be able to build a 1080ti rig on 1800w?

A 1080ti stock uses 235w to 250w, each times 6 = 1500w, then 300w for the risers and 125w for mobo, cpu, HD

Oh thanks! so will 2 1000 watt psu’s be alright or will I need 1 1000 and one 1300. I can use 2400 watts in total after double checking.

raiser is taking 50W ??? Are you sure?

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Yes Master!

Even if it doesn’t pull 50W all the time it’s good to consider riser consumption. A card could always pull extra W from it if there is a quick shortage of power (while opening GPU heavy programs and so on…).

In any case the TI model are much more efficient than the 1080. If you underpower them you can get 620 sol/s for 145 W, witch is one of the best efficiencys out there.

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Interesting, will i be alright with 2 1000w psu’s? or should i get 1 1300w?