2x 1080 ti PSU requirements

Hi all.

couldn’t find a category for hardware, if it’s off topic or unrelated please tell me so i’ll delete this post.

so, if you reached this far, hi! i’m fairly new to mining.
I’m a software engineer and kind of a techy but i’m not a hardcore hardware guy…
I built my pc myself (bought all the parts and installed them all)
recently purchased a 1080 ti strix, it’s an amazing card and i figured I’ll use it for mining.
now, my issue is… i wanna buy another one but i have a few questions before i do…

  1. My current PSU is Seasonic Platinum+ 860W, will that be enough for 2x 1080 ti?
    i’ve done some reading online and from what i saw, 1x 1080 ti uses around 250-280W
    so I figured i’m good to go but the dude I buy my parts from told me it’s not enough
    and that I should upgrade my PSU to at least 1400W.
    my full pc spec:
  • NZXT 630 case
  • Intel i7 4770K
  • Motherboard - Sabertooth Z87
  • SSD Samsung EVO 840 250GB
  • 2x Western Digital HD 5400rpg 4TB
  • 5x Fans in the case

can 860W support that spec plus 2x 1080 ti?

  1. SLI?
    I’ve never had 2 cards in one pc, do I need to connect the cards with an SLI?
    or just plug the 2nd card to the PCI and start mining? is that even possible or do i have to connect them together for them to work?

  2. Can overheat be a problem for the card above?
    my case (NZXT 630) has pretty nice air flow, but i’m a bit concered about putting 2 cards this close to one another,
    does anyone here has 2 cards on top of one another?
    how much does the above card suffer?

Thanks a lot in advance for any help!

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I have 2ASUS ROG GeForce GTX 1080 Ti The top card got 88c real fast had to shut it down. Your going to need water cooling if you have SLI. My cards stay at 59c all day now.

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can 860W support that spec plus 2x 1080 ti? Yes.

I have 4 1080 TI Aorus.

2 1080 Ti with the motherboard (Including processor, SSD, etc…) and 2 extra fans connected to an 850W 80 PLUS GOLD.

and have the other 2 1080 Ti and an extra fan to an extra 750W PSU

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  1. You can run two 1080ti stock with your setup (your psu looks like it has the slots for it as well) will be okay.

  2. Gaming sure, mining do not SLI

  3. I have done this with 1080’s , just have adequate airflow, Set your temp level to 73c to 75c in afterburner and you should* be fine.

Underclock to 160watt and you can run even four :slight_smile: I m getting 650 sols on 160watt