11k sols on testnet, really? Why?

I wish whoevers mining testnet would stop - you know TAZ isn’t worth anything, right ?

Trying to test stuff & my puny miner (yes, its embarrassingly small) is struggling to find solutions :frowning:


Sounds like someone has an extra Z9mini that they decided to donate to the cause :upside_down_face:

Whats the server stratum for testnet? Maybe we can get up to 22ksol! Also I need some to try out Guarda shielded beta



You can get some from this faucet https://faucet.zcash.garethtdavies.com/

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Awesome, 20characters

Was trying to test a miner, guess I’ll just have to leave it running until I get lucky…prob have more chance of being abducted by martians at this rate.

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Are you just trying running solver runs?

Yup, exactly, but its beer-o-clock now.

Mañana, as they say here in the colonies.

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