500 + difficulty - what's up?

Hi guys, this morning I’ve seen 500 + difficulty in the testnet, it means jaws are between us?
Yesterday it was around 50 - 80 +, now it is ten times more.
I’ve seen, this morning, the solution of 10 blocks in less than 10 minutes, in this way the supposed slow mining will be a dream, is it correct?
Can anyone help me in understanding the situation, thanks.

Ps. with 80+ I was able to find (with CPU) a block every 4-5 hours, now nothing to do, I’m out.

Thanks in advance for any answer.

My guess is more people have optimized miners now and a few people have opensourced solvers that run 10x faster on the same CPUs.

What do you suggest me? how can I optimized my CPU miner? thanks a lot for your answer.

Give it a few more days new miners will be out.

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How does one have an optimized miner?

By programming one like Tromps / salts / genesis-minings / Genoils have done etc

Could you please elaborate a little more?

People are developing software that runs faster than the current Zcash miner.

TROMP solver.

How do we integrate in to our current miners. also it looks like they got the GPU aspect working…

How do we use our GPUs?


ALSO rc1 SUCKS! I had 1000 Coins on beta1 now i have mined none… What am i doing wrong!?


In one day, I have mined none too.

The difficulty is now nearly 2k - that’s why.

Maybe I’ve been lucky and I found a block in zmine.io.
After an hard beginning it seams to me that the cpu is working well also with 2K of difficulty, I’m confused. Any Idea? I didn’t make any upgrade.

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Does anybody know where the formula to convert from “difficulty” to network hashrate is?

Contrary to claims the formula for zcash is not the same as the one for bitcoin – if it were, then the current difficulty=1366 would imply over 9 gigahash/sec on the pre-launch testnet, which is beyond absurd.

Rant: I always thought the difficulty metric was a demented idea. The protocol uses the target, not this silly “difficulty” business with its arbitrary 2^32 scaling factor. And humans use network hashrate. Bah. Rant off.

Difficulty now up to 1550! Have yet to mine a coin with the new Beta.

You should have not updated if you do not want to lose your coin. LOL. Coins mined on testnet has no value. It is to test your setup and to test zcash before actual launch. Difficulty is reaching new high, you might have a small chance of hitting a block if you have few hardwares. I suggest if you know and understand now how zcash system works, save your electricity for the actual zcash blockchain. Good luck.

Hello troll, all coins are going to be lost when main net launches. No worries here. I was just wondering about the difficulty, and integration of solvers.

Also why three days mining no coin?

Don’t worry about my bills. I pay them.

Unless you would like to pay them.

Otherwise keep your business to your business.

I haven’t tried the integrated solver to by @sarath-hotspot. Some may have have successfully used it and this probably causes the difficulty to rise and make it difficult to find a block. Its a preview of how hard the actual zcash mining will be.

It’s just an advise from one miner to another. No i’ll intention or anything.

I saw this from Slack though Im not completely sure.

  • at diff=1 it takes 17solutions
  • blocktime =150secs (2.5minutes)

lets say diff=1366

1366*17 = 23222 that’s the number of solutions needed at this diff level
23222/150 = 154.8133 hashes/sec or (sol/sec) total nethash

This diff=1366 is still very low. Acutal zcash diff is definitely way higher.

Thanks mate,

no ill intentions either. Just trying to figure this ‘new’ coin out.

So according to zbenchmark 55/sec per solution on my config, but still no coin. Are they past rc1? what is the current revision?

lowest avg is : 17 sec

at diff=1 it takes 17solutions

So where does the magic number 17 come from?