Testing pool code - anyone got an idle ASIC?

I’ve been getting my solo-pool to work with ZEC & want to test it with various miners. Anybody got an ASIC they could point at my server for a few minutes ?

Its on testnet, connect to, port 3331, use a testnet taddr as your username

Cheers !

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I’ve got an old Z9 mini not doing anything. Just to be clear what values should I put here:

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Hey! There’s something beating up my server, guess thats you :slight_smile:

worker = must be a testnet t-address
password = anything you like
url = just the IP address / port

I see it connecting but for some reason its rejecting every share so something’s clearly broken at my end

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Yeh, I think it is doing something. I just edited the existing settings so this is what I have (password is blank)

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The problem is here, its connecting just fine - thanks!!

You might as well turn it off, I’ll try to figure out whats busted & ping you - either that or my gtx1060 really is beating a Z9 :laughing:

Edit: Can you try it with a ‘tm’ address instead of a ‘t2’ ?

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Ah, sorry I just grabbed an address from an explorer and threw it in but updated now to use a tm

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reconnected - new address etc - still busted :frowning:

I’ll find my ‘debugging mallet’ & let you know.


Want to try again ? Squished the bug, which involved learning the difference between a ‘pubkeyhash’ and a ‘scripthash’… another day, another lesson, never a dull moment when you have ‘zero-knowledge’ :slight_smile:

There are two testnet pools up, one for Zcash & Ycash, connection details are :-

  • ZEC TESTNET: server port 3331
  • YEC TESTNET: server port 3330

I’ve also updated the javascript widget so you can choose where your ‘testnet taxes’ go and vote for things, see https://chilebob.duckdns.org/minepoll/

You have to use a valid ‘tm’ (or ‘sm’) address as your username, the password can be anything, and for the extra bytes to control voting (and where testnet taxes go) see the website (you add them to your username)

Oh, and ‘just because I can’ - the pools collect 0.1% as a fee :wink:

(EDITS: Various, too many smelling mistakes to mention)

EDIT: There’s also a YEC MAINNET solo-pool on port 3333 (no fees)


Sorry, was offline for a few days. Pointed it at the ZEC testnet so fingers crossed that works. I’m using my faucet tm donation address so will actually be quite handy to refill that.

Voting looks interesting and I’ll take a better look later but it isn’t immediately obvious to me what to put as password for each option - I started it with 0xff01010152 as password but not sure what that votes for :laughing:

All the work your miner sends its tagged ‘invalid solution’. Think there’s something the ASIC miners need that the pool isn’t providing, it works with the old 200/9 GPU miners, maybe the pool cant handle the flood from the ASIC as testnet diff is so low

I just started up a miner pointed at your address & thats working fine, its voting 0xffffffffff

Edit: diff went up, problem remained, I need to figure out what the ASIC expects to be fed.

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I’ve no clue but happy to flip the switch to on to test :laughing: so just ping me if you can figure it out. I remember Slush pool (successfully) asking in the forums for help testing ASICs so may be worth reaching out to?