Liquid cooling is the way to go

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on one of our rigs finally hit 6 months in
Just a sample of pictures of 12 cards all with liquid cooling and passive custom heatsinks i built for the dc powersupply side of the card. All ram has custom aluminum heatsinks.
Each 8gb RX 580 is clocked at 1400mhz gpu 2200 ram I-9 on new claymore produces 370-385h/z
all cards are liquid cooled with outdoor pump and 2000 gallon tank. Even when it was 120 outside this summer in Vegas card gpu temps were 69-74 degree C pretty cool just using a bulk water tank and 1/4hp water pump.
No cards have fans all passive cooling for the card and active cooling on the gpu with custom made water blocks for high flow.

Of course the whole system is powered with 1600 watt custom 240v powersupplies with 16 x 8 pin connectors 12 x 4 pin connectors really a great PS 90 platinum rated was def the way to go total system size is 200 gpus on my 400 amp service panel which was the biggest i could put on my property.


nice work! i just wish i could see one of the cards out of the rig dead on perspective etc… thanks fer the post.

this is an old picture of one of the rigs as i’m putting them together.
I have since changed two things in the picture. I added springs to the bolts holding the cooler down. I have added heatsinks to the ram.

Looks kinda hot to be honest :smiley:
Keep up the good work (Y)

As a liquid cooler myself, hats off, nice project!

Just take care to have enough biocide and anticorosive in there , hehe.

and the memory is cooled by what?

air for now. My other 100 x 1070’s that just came in are mini gigabytes they will be dipped in oil. So the whole card will be oil cooled then exchanged to water and connected to my water tank outside that cools all the other cards.
The memory on the RX580’s have attached ram cooling heatsinks and i have a large 36" fan on slow in the garage that circulates air around but the memory is naturally cooled and no crashes in two months now running 2200mhz on ram.

just a tip to the others the 8 pin connectors on the power supplies. I could only get 16 on it and some of the 1070’s were using dual 8 pin connectors so i just used a splitter then I use the 12v riser cards wit the 6 pin to connect to the other 8 pin connector no 4 pin’s needed and only one wire harness from the PS feeds the card and the riser much easier this way. All power supplies were 80 dollars each 1600 watt 1375 continuous 12v feed but 240v 60hz so I had to put a couple of 80 amp breakers in my 400 amp service panel and run a sub panel in my garage to feed all of these cards. Worked out great though. The 240v power supplies run way cooler and they have the entire power supply has perforated holes and a pwm fan is extra large ball bearing on the bottom. I had to bulk buy 40 of those power supplies from china but they are 90 platinum really the muscle of the system. I may buy there new 2000 watt with 24 x 8 pin connectors for runnng 12 cards at a time. I’m not sure. I want to upgrade my system to run off my solar array and a battery buffer with a 12v solar working system and a copper pipe with 12v drops for each system coming down this would allow me to have an ROI of 14 months and then electricity is free for 29 years.

no need for the corrosive i have alot of calcium in my water the biggest hurdle was coolers that are passthrough high flow so they have big holes in them. The calcium builds up but a basic vinegar or CLR wash out every 4 months solves that. It really isn’t noticeable maybe 1 - 2 degrees hotter after 3 months. The water is so hot though no bacteria lives. It’s 140 degrees Fahrenheit coming out of the return lol Flow rate is 1.75 gallon per minute. If i can get another 400 amp feed I might put in another 400 video cards with oil bath cooling then i’ll probably build a cooling tower out of some steel drums and coat them with truck bedliner in an out weld on some fins so that the heat can exchange well even in the vegas 120 degree heat.
It’s hard to move the heat when i have a 2 car garage and have ass loads of GPU’s running. A friend of mine said it’s time to sell off the GPU’s and go asic and oil dip those more profit per watt of heat but we will see. If i can get some help moving this system to a 208 three phase 500 amp commercial location that would be great I could net meter all the power we use with my solar panels and have a net zero nearly 90% profitable mining operation. It would take more money for that though. More than i want to spend at the moment.

I’m looking to sell some of this equipment if anyone is interested.

I’d like to sell 12 x RX 580 with the above pictures with liquid cooling blocks on it
I’d like to sell 1 x RX580 Asus Dual used for 1 month original stock cooler and fans
I’d like to sell 5 x RX480 4gb red dragon with original coolers been running for 18 months fans are a bit slow but cool well.
I’d like to sell 1 x RX480 4gb red dragon with water cooling block and oversized power supply heatsink fan works great overclocked.
I’d like to sell 2x RX480 4gb with no coolers or heatsinks I’m unsure if they work I got them from a surplus auction and just havent had time to do anything with them yet I was going to put liquid cooling on them too and overclock when i got time.
Make offer i’ll accept a reasonable offer.

A hundred 1070’s? That sounds like quite the operation you have going on there :smiley: . Would love to see a video tour someday…

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What is the price? Where do you have the cards? Usa?


Scott Stevens


Already sold sorry

Scott Stevens


Jealous of your system. Just finishing up the installation of new tires, forged wheels and alignment on the current truck project and I will start planning my liquid cooled system.