GPU sols/s rate

I’m interested in your result guys, how much sols/s do you get with your GPUs.
If possible please add some pictures also.

I’m using GTX 1070 EVGA Founders Edition and get average of 35 sols/s.

Triyng to get more infos to make spreadsheet out of it and decide which GPU have best value for mining :slight_smile:

gtx 1060 palit dual fan 6gb about 25sols/s i think. got 40sols/s with cpu, waiting for cuda acceleration;p

=) My R9 270 - 20sols /s

Need to include some more information here as there is some serious variation in mining software so a single card can reach vastly different hashrates.These are the ones I have tried:

RX 480 - 36-38 H/s running ethOS (1.1.3 which is Zogminer)
R9 Fury - 40 H/s running ethOS (1.1.3 which is Zogminer)
R9 390 - 38H/s running ethOS (1.1.3 which is Zogminer)

R9 270x 4Gb, running 2 instances on the same card give me ~18.5 H/s on Ubuntu 15.04 with zogminer