2 GTX 1060 or 1 GTX 1080 for zcash?

Can anyone help me about this? I am stuck between these two choices. 1080 is faster and more efficient "on paper" but people say 1080 is not good for mining. Is that true? I will only mine equihash. So should I get 1x 1080 or 2x 1060?

There are a few variables to consider.

  • If you want to add another or more cards in the future, buying 2 x 1060's now would take up a spot.
  • Price difference between 1 x 1080 and 2 x 1060.
  • Power draw between 1 card and 2 cards.

If you're going to stick to equihash go for the 1080 it is a better investment. With a water block it runs ridiculously high figures. Mind you it juices a lots of power.

1080 is not good for Zcash mining unless you get 1080Ti. Get 2x 1060