GTX 1080 hash/s

Its look that 1080 is not so bad for ZCASH as i see in many discusion… What do you think about it ?


Currently get around 610 sols on the 1080 FTW hybrid at 120% +50 on GPU and +950 on MEM

my setting is TDP 60%, core +100, mem +400.

what is your efficiency with 120% TDP ?

one rig i have with 6x1060 with eff around 3.4sol/w, but test with 1080 surprised me :slight_smile:

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The only thing that bothers me a bit is …
1080 → 550 Sol - rough price 500-600+ 1060 (even 3 GB) can push 290-300 Sol. Rough price 220-250

2x300 sol for say max 500$
550 Sol for 500-600$

it seems cheaper to buy/run 1060s…That is only if you don`t care about electricity of course :slight_smile: and if you have the free space to add multiple 1060s.
Because those 2x1060 would consume roughly 240 watts on max TDP.

But for people who have the $$, adding 5-6 1080s in 1 rigt would get best results I assume as a total cost vs benefits.

you are right, if u have free slots, its 1060 beter choice. I did not get 300 sols with 3GB version, but 270sols with 60% TDP its good for me (70-77W). But I have special price (heating tariff) aprox 0.085$ for 1kW.

At 120% my eff is around 2.9 to 3. I have free electricity where i live so eff isnt really a concern

Then 1080 all the way :slight_smile:

p.s. for 1060 3gb to reach 300 sol you need 100% TDP and +50-100 core clock. But Temp will be a bit higher and needs higher fan RPM + more electricity of course.

There is no magic combination. Everybody can use any combination they see fit per their needs.

good luck.

I get just over 600 Sol/s with a Zotac GTX Amp Extreme on 90%TDP +50 Core +700 mem

I get about 550 Sol/s on the Zotac GTX 1080 Mini 90%TDP +50 core +350 Memory