Six 1080 Ti cards for sale

Hey all,

I’m selling 6 (six) brand new, unopened Gigabyte Aorus GeForce GTX 1080 Ti cards. $720/card * 6 = $4320 (free shipping). I’d prefer to sell all 6 cards as a lot.

Bought these cards on Massdrop last month and then realized how much power they consume. I’ve decided to stick to 1070 mining since I’m very familiar with those cards.

Anyways, I keep getting scammed on eBay (literally 4 times in 2 weeks), so I’m trying to sell these cards in a hopefully safer community.

PM me if interested. Will take Venmo, Paypal or BTC as payment. A lot of people’s Paypal accounts are getting hacked, so if you want to pay with Paypal, I will ask for proof that it’s your account.

LINK to two of my scammed eBay auctions that show all 6 GPUs. Both these buyers’ accounts were hacked, and the sales never went through:

Thanks for reading,

are they still on sale?

Still available on my end. No longer available on Massdrop. It was a one time sale on Massdrop.

Massdrop just had these up today. I bought one :stuck_out_tongue: