2x difficulty in 10 hours?

Any idea what’s going on right now? Difficulty went over 2x in under 10 hours.

Hashrate bumped up from about 100-25k to 150k in the past couple days big bump but not 2X, high market prices always attract more miners switching from other coins.

And that increase resulted in a high difficulty spike that seems to be going back to normal
The difficulty algo is designed​ specifically to skyrocket if someone tries to dump a ton of hash all at once

On Flypool I saw three very big miners just started mining ZEC (6.4 Mh/s combined). Most big miners are solo, but I don’t see where they are coming from. ETH network hash dropped a little, XMR as well, so could be from there?

I was all excited at getting my first 7 GPU GTX 1080 ti rig up and running. Now I need to add more rigs just to stay where I was. I am seriously reconsidering if I order another Nvidia rig as the 1080 sucks at mining everything but ZEC, but is way more efficient at ZEC than AMD.

So when ETH goes to POS later this year. There will be a huge influx of mining power to other coins (likely ZEC). Something to think/worry about.

Are there really no other coins to mine efficiently using 1080 but Zcash (and ZCL/ZEN)?

Well not everything, X11Gost looks good as does Pascal. But ETH and XMR are out.

Could you please tell me which site is this from?


It sure was a big bump on the total miningspeed ! :slight_smile:

Was watching my node and suddenly it went up like crazy ^^ Maybe some multi pool behind it ?

Think OP was talking Difficulty and not hashrate. If you look at the difficulty right before the large spike it did double as it was roughly 175k and went up to close to 350k. Overall it was a 20% jump in difficulty for the week. That’s still nothing to be ignored as not even BTC has that kind of jump very often:

Feb 19 2016 163,491,654,909 13.44% 1,170,318,852 GH/s
Feb 07 2016 144,116,447,847 20.06% 1,031,625,717 GH/s
Jan 26 2016 120,033,340,651 5.89% 859,232,121 GH/s

Feb 04 2017 422,170,566,884 7.43% 3,022,014,630 GH/s
Jan 22 2017 392,963,262,344 16.64% 2,812,940,600 GH/s
Jan 10 2017 336,899,932,796 6.05% 2,411,623,656 GH/s

Seeing as how ETH/ETC/Expanse is more profitable to mine, not sure why farm owners with that much hash would switch over to ZEC unless someone thinks ZEC is about to make a large move up. For now it’s more profitable to mine other alt coins and shapeshift them into ZEC vs mining directly.

where is this screenshot from?

It’s a secret Muahahaha (evil laugh)

Just kidding you can find the link below. Just input your hashrate of all the coins the site tracks and copy the custom link when you save your configuration and paste it in the URL bar. I keep a tab open with that loaded every day to check profits and have shapeshift wallets setup for each coin to convert back to ZEC.

Mining Profitability Comparison


nice one, thanks! now i even have more to look at to fill up my day lol

nice farm by the way if that is your daily profit! then it also makes it more worth it to look into it. for me , i make something like $12 or $15 per day, so the difference is not that big to keep on making changes for me (unfortunately)

Thanks. That’s roughly $30k in hardware that I’ve built up over the course of 2016. Of course I could of held all the ETH I mined with my first couple of rigs vs reinvesting and would have over $150k right now at today’s prices. So something to think about if you’re going to be reinvesting mined coins vs out of pocket capital for each upgrade. Given the recent ZEC hashrate increase, I want to spend my mined coins to upgrade to get my daily profits back in the 300 range, but for some reason I keep thinking of the definition of insanity everytime I go to withdraw some coins lol

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i guess it all depends on your goals. i mean, for this daily profit you can consider it a decent salary. need to stay on top though i guess, and stay up to date on things, and on hardware , changes in the industry etc.
in my case i just hold coins (actually btc mainly, and a handful of some out of the ‘top 10’) and mine because of fun & making some money with it. no plans for me to grow big with mining, although i do prefer to make the most out of the least hardware :wink:

i can imagine in your case i would want to try to get a certain amount out of it, if the amount is bigger, consider the plan what to do with it (upgrade or keep coins, or put aside for holidays!)

Big miners have shown up on Flypool again, 7MH/S between two. I took a screen shot of one. Their activity looks like testing to me. They are never up for very long so the don’t show up on the Top miner list very often. So why would a huge farm like that just keep mining ZEC for short bursts??? Ideas?

I still got a feeling this is testing for POS launch on the ETH network.

maybe somebody just renting hashes on nicehash?

The third one showed up. Over 8Mh/s between the three of them. Same MO, short bursts of mining ZEC. I know others disagree but I think this is testing to see how fast they can switch to ZEC when ETH is mining a PoS block. If I had a multi-million dollar farm I certainly would have started testing this by now.

Testing? Nothing to see here… :wink:

Should Difficulty not come down now that the Price has Dropped so Drastically to Balance


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