Massive variations in output


I’m just experimenting with mining zcash on flypool. I did two different sessions of mining within 48 hours of each other and they both generated roughly the same number of shares. However, they generated massively different amounts of ZEC.

Roughly 0.19 ZEC vs 0.06 ZEC. I realise these aren’t huge amounts, but, I want to get my head around this before I start dumping any significant cash into it.

I’m struggling to explain the difference in amounts here. Does anyone have suggestions?


Look at difficulty waves - every session is different. Big players jumping between pools and cryptonets for best profit :slight_smile:
we do nothing with it

OK, this explains it! I had not appreciated that difficulty would vary that much and that it could go down quite so rapidly.

My follow-on question then. Is there a way to only mine when difficulty is below a certain value? Or, is that when you have to manage things yourself?