What's happening with mining difficulty?

Anybody here who follows charts on coinwarz.com have noticed that zec difficulty was constantly on ~9.3m last 20-30hrs. Anybody knows what will happen with difificulty? Will it raise up or stay at 9.3 wich is currently isnt much profitable considering im mining zec only.

Something strange is happening and I don’t understand what.
I see on crypto compare 200’000 KSol/s less. Coinwarz difficulty is just side ways. On whattomine zcash is highlight as “Lagging”.
In the last 24 hours I’ve mined at least 20% less than all the days before.

We will figure out whats up sooner or later…

Hopefully dififculty will fall down a bit or price will jump up :confused:

There are rumors of a giant mass of “equihash asics” , which is supposed to be an oxymoron, in play driving up difficulty recently or huge private volta farms that somehow got them before public release. Both seem less likely than simply the mass of new cards in play that ran out the supply. But I suppose anything’s possible. Maybe someone turned on the switch to their 20000 volt equihash asic underground lair :slight_smile:

Stop spreading fubs.

The truth is that lot of zclassic minners switched to ZEC and ZEN.
Nothing more, nothing less.

How peculiar that you should attack a stranger for “spreading fubs”. I guess you didn’t read close enough to get the sarcasm.

One thing that makes crypto look immature is the inability to have any reasonable discussion without hair-trigger attacks.