2x GTX 1060 3GB - setting up my first miner

So I installed exactly the same drivers and basically copy-pasted your settings and here’s what I get:

so average of ~282 Sol/s (@0.98V).

Apparently my Asus 1060 has lower default core clock, but would 100MHz lower core clock mean losing 20 Sol/S? I think it has to be something else or am I just unlucky with the card itself?

Pushing it to +205 core and +400 memory get’s me only to ~284 Sol/s.

Well, I am using DSTM miner version 0.5.7, and you are using EWBF, that could the cause of the speed difference.
DSTM is faster, could get you to 300 and beyond.
Also, 1923 core is respectable. I’ve never got any card of mine stable past 2k, so props to koso for that [at 85% power no less]
I think if you change miners and leave settings the same you will see a large increase in speed.

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You were right! The DSTM is indeed faster, getting 300 Sol/s @ 83% power limit and +200/+400 clocks, or 266 Sol/s @ 60% power limit, giving me over 3.7 Sol/W, awesome!

Shame it doesn’t have any intensity feautre for my home pc, but for the miner it should do better than EWBF, as long as it will prove to be stable.

hey man u cant get more from the card most probably because u run it at almost 70 deg the best for these chips is to keep them under 60 ideal 50 …these pascal chips are like this the more temp you have on the gpu the less voltage it is giving to the chip this will auto down clock it no matter the setting u sett… but happy u hit at least 300 with DTSM :smiley: but settings gite high on OC

Been playing around with my 6x 1060’s today. and +500 on the Samsung ram. 90 watts power. Trying to find a core that holds. 1960ish holds and gives avg of 310 h/s. Some card in there is crashing it. Probably the hynix ram. Going to go through some long stability checking on each core to see where each card crashes. (Getting stability above 1960 with 90 watts power seems to be a ceiling, even if I drop the mem down to +400) using dtsm. Now 90 watts is 75% of the cards 120w tdp. Maybe at 100w I could get 320 h/s out of them.

@koso16 the temps will be lower as right now I’m just testing the card while it’s sitting in my closed case home pc, but this week we’ll be setting a rig in the basement which is going to be a much cooler environment.

Still I think I’ll run them @ 60-70% power limit as it’s the most efficient per W and electricity here is quite expensive too.

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ok go and install gpuZ and check the memory controller load in sensors tab this will show you how effective is your setting(how effective is work addressed on your Vram from you Gpu chip) it will also help you fine tune the memory to the max core frequency that you can get

ok so for a closed case system there results are quite ok :smiley: still u will need to fine tune them when the miner is in the basement

So the rig is finally running on Ubuntu linux, for the first couple of hours it’s been performing like this:

Safe OC settings of +180/+450 and power limit set to 68W. I will be trying out higher power limits later but I think this is a sweet spot in terms of Sol/W (currenly averaging 3.83).

I’m not sure why there’s such a difference in temperatures of both cards. Okay the GPU1 does have a little more restricted airflow (gonna improve that) around it but even with fan set to 70% it gets to 65*.
I don’t think it matters but GPU0 is installed on the motherboard and GPU1 via usb riser.

Overall I’m really happy with the results, especially considering how cheaply I managed to buy the whole system. Looking forward to adding more GPUs in the future :slight_smile:

You may run into stability problems with a +180 core clock and only 68w. Normally people have the 1060’s in the 80 to 90w range. Temps can vary even if they are the exact same card. Thermal paste could be bad on one or it could be fans and airflow. I have 6 1060’s 3gb. 5 run between 55 and 57 and one at 60. All same global fan setting. Let us know how your stability goes at 68w. Sometimes people don’t set the core overclock and just let the power determine the output. Guess you could try playing around. That’s how most people find optimal settings for their rigs. Good luck.

I’ve improved the airflow and now the GPU1 runs much cooler than GPU0 :wink:
In terms of stability I’ve had no issues so far at these settings. Keep in mind that lowering the power limit reduces the effective core clock as well, so running it at +180 at 68W means effective ~1600MHz, while at 80-90W it’d be around 1800-1900 I presume.

Good to hear that it’s running stable. Yes reducing power also can reduce core clock, just setting an offset and reducing power has caused me issues in the past. Especially if it close to What the card will take. Sometimes people just set the power and let it determine the core clock without putting in a + offset. But if it runs stable that’s great. What sols are you getting now at that power level?

Tweaked it just a tiiiny bit to 69W and gives me average of 265 Sols each (3.86 Sol/W).

I don’t know how much you pay for electricity.

138w with 530 sol/s = profit of per month
Electricity 10 cents $73.79
20 cents $63.85
30 cents $53.91

180w with 600 sols/s = profit of per month
10 cents $81.82
20 cents $68.86
30 cents $55.90

So right now it is more profitable to spend more on electricity and get more coins.
Just a thought. Unless you pay super high rates above 30 cents per kw/h or the price of zec drops a lot below say $450. Put you will need to run your own numbers.

Yeah I’ve done the maths using online calculators and I suppose I could be making more profit, although there are few factors that keep me from pushing it to the limits:

  1. electricity is in fact a bit more expensive here - around 0.17-0.18 cents
  2. I figure the cards might live longer when kept at lower power limit and temperatures
  3. as I’m new to this business I’d like to keep the risk at relatively low levels :wink:
  4. I like when everything is working at it’s most efficient settings

In addition I think I’d have to run them at ~100W each to get 600 sols/s. I really had to push them pretty hard to get 300 sols when I was doing some testing.

I have one Asus 1060 3gb dual with hynix ram. At 90w I can get 300 sol/s with +125 and +500 on DSTM.
Keep in mind there are really only 2 things that kill cards. Heat and voltage. If you are keeping them under 70 but preferably under 60, with a fan speed on 60%. Those cards will last longer then they will be useful for mining. Try to make as much as you can now. This year will see nvidia release the new cards. They could be up to 30 to 50% more efficient. As everyone switches to the new cards, the difficulty is sure to rise. These older cards will become almost useless within 1 year or so. Even at 90w and high clocks, you will make you investment back before they become useless. So now is the time to push them. Keep your temps reasonable and your fans not near max, and you will benefit from pushing them now. The 2080 ti is coming. Probably by summer. Hash rate 1000 to 1100 sol/s?? I am trying to crank out as much coin as soon as possible before the 1060 is left in the dust.

Thanks for the insight, I’ll consider that strategy.

No problem. Good luck. My 7 1060s are putting out almost 2200 sol/s. Rig has been up only 2 months, so I still have 3 more months if price holds to pay it completely off. Everyone estimates that nvidia will launch the 2080 in April. With almost all being snatched up by big miners. Most of us small guys might be able to get our hands on a couple by summer if we are lucky. My rig will hopefully be paid off By May. I will probably start a new one with the next gen cards. Maybe be able to sell the cards for 50% of cost. Right now they are going for more than cost. But with the new cards coming the used market will soon be flooded with cards. Until then I am pushing them close to their limits. While still maintaining 60c temps.
Edit. Price has fallen to 435 from 480 this morning. If we do another return to the 300 range, then you will need to run the math a bit more. I think zec is a sell at anything above 450 and a buy under 350.

if it can help you:

the GPU2 is a GTX 1060 3GB its getting 4.13 Sols/W, of course not every 1060 3GB can do it/handle it, I was lucky on this one.
the below Voltage/Frequency curve editor is accessible via CTRL+F. play with it, try to understand it. it can even out the power usage.

here we go if a old post of me: Mining with 1060 3gb cards

4.13 is really impressive! Unfortunately I’m running it on linux so no afterburner or similar software.
But thanks anyway, I might play with it on my 1050.