Mining rig nVidia 1060 strix 6 gb

Hi there guyz

Could You please assess my set up?

5x VGA ASUS GTX 1060 STRIX OC Gaming 6GB
1x Corsair HX750W HX 750W 80+
1x 120 gb ssd
1x Intel Celeron G1840 2 rdzenie 2.8GHz LGA1150 BOX
1x RAM Kingston HyperX DDR3 8GB 1600MHz CL10 B

Intel or AMD processor?
ddr4 or ddr3 ram?
what best motherboard ?
Will my power supply unit manage with 5 gpus?
What do You think about my graphic cards… 6gb or 3 gb ?
I wanna mine zcash mostly…

Even when the 1060 is very efficient, those 750w will be a little bit short for 5 gpus, get at least 850w or 1000w.

For that Intel Celeron G1840 i can recommend you the Biostar TB85 motherboard.

Good luck :smiley:

PD: 6 gb gtx 1060 will always give you more sol/s , you wont regret.

Im mining with 4x asus gtx 1060 rog strix oc 6gb and the full system with +800 OC on memory is using just 550W (about 120W per gpu) so for 5 gpu´s 750W should be enough buuut a little short,yes.
so better go with a 850W psu

pls someone tells me which zcash miner to use?
never had nvidia card, just received one 1060 today…claymore zcash is just for AMD cards, right?

Use EWBF’s CUDA Zcash miner

Thanks man! I tried it, getting 240 sols per card. Is that a “normal” speed for 1060 6gb?
Can you pls share your .bat file?
Gpu and mem overclock?

That is a bit low, you should be getting at least 280, try to OC the memory with nvidiainspector or evga precision.

My clocks are 1835 (gpu clock/ 4700 (memory clock)

My bat file is normal nothing special:

miner --server --user mywalletrighthere.my4gpuworker --pass x --port 3333 --templimit 90

Check what server gives you better ping, also i use flypool.

As you can see i only get a temp limit command, if the gpu runs too high on temp someday or something.

So check your card with nvidiainspector, you should get at least 280-320 sol/s after OC on each card.

hi guyz

so I almost set up my rig

Its working fine with 3 gpus but when I plug in 4th and 5th gpus then its not booting
rig is working, all fans are working but nothing appear on the screen

I pluged in 4th gpus and its not working either… only working with 3 gpus plugged (one is plugged in MOBO)

any ideas?