Mining rig dual server PSU's functionality info needed!

Hey guys, I’m building my first 12 GPU rig with the use of two server PSU’s. 1st PSU powering the motherboard & CPU (through a 260 watt PICO) and 6 GPU’s, 2nd PSU powering another 6 GPU’s. I need to ask the more experienced of you about one crucial thing - the proper procedure of turning on and off the rig aka the PSU’s powering the GPU’s. To my knowledge, the second PSU powering ONLY the GPU’s can be powered on (manually) BEFORE the first PSU (with the connected motherboard). And it needs needs to be powered off (manually) AFTER the first PSU. In other words, the GPU’s on the second PSU needs to be powered all the time while the system is running and it DOES NOT HARM neither the GPU’s nor the motherboard if the 6 GPU’s are powered from trhe second PSU while the rest of the system (motherboard etc.) is shut off. Can you please confirm or comment? Many thanks!

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That sounds correct to me.

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can you post a picture of your two server psu’s and a picture of how you are going to connect them to your gpu’s and risers and mobo?
I would be helpful to see it so that I can give you better information.

Picture no needed I guess, the situation is pretty precisely described in my first post.

Well since this is your first rig, and since you asked for information from experienced miners, I was going to offer you a possible solution that when you pressed the power button it turned both PSU’s on and you when you shutdown the system it shut both PSU’s off. Before I did so I wanted to make sure of what you were using before I offered the information to you.

I wish you good luck with your setup.

Well, this was the state I was aiming for but since the PSU’s are a server type and not standard ATX types, it would be hard to fabricate by inter-connecting the PSU’s on low-volt level, unless I have the speciffications and electric scheme for the PSU’s. What kind of solution have you hand an mind?