Please teach me how to follow a transaction

I have two payments from Flypool to Cryptonator that are missing. These are the TX as provided by Flypool.



How can I trace these and find out whey they haven’t been completed.

Thanks for any help.

They both have multiple hundreds of confirmations… I’m starting to not trust crypotnator much anymore…

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Ok, thanks.

What’s the next step. I’m going to assume this isn’t a Flypool issue because the transactions are showing up in the block chain?

Should I be getting hold of Cryptonator?

Thanks again.

It’s pretty much the same thing that happened to me… I had flypool payments that were in my zcash4win wallet i made 4 transfers yesterday and somewhere between my private wallet and cryptonator the payments were lost… since you told me they posted a message about zcash just try to wait it out and see what happens… And if after they say the issue is resolved if your funds still are not there i would go ahead and contact support… but i will tell you i’ve been emailing them and they are extremely slow to respond…

Any news? My deposit from Zcash4win to Cryptonator isn’t also showing up :). 45 confirmations but when i right click on the transaction and click ‘Show in block explorer’ it says: Page not found. If you entered a search query, make sure it was a valid account address (t-address), transaction hash, or block hash.

Edit: Aah okey. Found a comment and i guess its time to play the waiting game.
“idk if you have been paying attention to website. they say that they have sync problems on zcash wallet and it will be fixed
Zcash wallet sync issues detected. Some transactions might not be reflected on your account. We are working on it. All missing transactions will be deposited once it is resolved.”

I ended up getting my 4 missing payments last night… hopefully everyone else’s showed up as well… Took almost 4 days for mine to post to they’re site…

Just checked and mine had shown up as well.

I’m using Cryptonator, works fine, never missed payment all on time… what I dislike is the exchange fees they have :frowning:

No issue between flypool → cryptonator for me … got 2 transactions today from today on time.

Yes i dislike the exchange fees as well… Back to missing payments though… Sent one over 2 hours ago still isn’t showing up as pending… Starting to grow tired of it…

Today I faced this issue, 2 transactions from flypool yet to show on cryptonator.

Same here… Sent a flypool payment from my wallet to they’re site yesterday at 11:40am still nothing… I’m about to stop using them and just keep funds in private wallet…

It is working for you? What private wallet you are using?

I’m using zcash4win and no I’m still missing the payment I sent to cryptonator…

Funny… Just receive the one which was transfered by flypool before 20min… but still to receive the older one which is from like 6 hours ago…

I don’t understand what’s going on with they’re zec deposits at all

Lol just received the missing transfer :smiley:

same here about 30 mins ago i got my missing transfer from yesterday morning… i looked at the TX it had 750 confirmations on it :joy:

Well, atleast glad to see everything is ok…
I checked z2win and I don’t really like it.

Thank you, Glad you got your payments as well…It’s a very bland wallet… That’s why i really wish exodus had support for Zcash but sadly it doesn’t because i was using JAXX but i read a few posts on here that warned against using it…