300$ a month is my goal. What GPU to go for?

Hi guys,

I live in a country where 1$ equals 3 unit of my country’s currency and with 3 units i can buy alot (milk, bread…). Me and my wife saved some money, and we’re going to buy a mining rig. Now we are confused about what GPUs to go for. Can you guys please give us some advice knowing that our sole objective is 300$/month. Thanks all

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Any combination of cards can get you about 2Ksol/s. 2Ksol will get you at (at the current price) $400/mo. remember the price fluctuates and there no guarantee of income. at least this will put you right over. Use the link below, it has a GPU# function.

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1080ti - 3
1070ti - 4 /5
1060 - 7/8

my thoughts since you are starting out

go with 1050ti’s 4gb version, this should make you about usd 1.00 to 1.50 a day per gpu

you can find them in stock, and you can scale up if you find this is for you

something to consider, your return on investment is going to be 3 / 6 / 9 months depending on the market


I think i’m going for 3 X 1080ti. Any particular edition ? I live in a country where heat in summer reaches 47-48°C. Any cooling you guys suggest?

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And if money is not an issue in that case build a liquid cooling system. Or buy the 1080 ti with liquid cooling installed

1070, 570, 560 are best

Yeah, i really thinking about some water-cooled 1080ti GPUs. The only issue i have now is heat in summer. It reaches 48-49°C easily.

You can underpower them during the day so they remain “fresher”. If you select the water cooled version than you shouldn’t have big problems. With almost 50° consider tweeking around with your OC settings to find the best settings for your situation (50%-60% power limit?).

With 3x 1080 ti you will easly pull 1800 sol/s underpowering them at 450 Watt (500W with system). You will be mining around 0.8-1 ZEC a month, thats 400-600$ quick estimate.

I wish you all the best!