A quick, easy and worthwhile way to get started mining?


I got CPU mining going on my workstation but I don’t really want to put a GPU card in my daily work machine - I received a note about this:


  • and thought it would be convenient to separate the work machine from the mining machine . . and I wondered whether this might be a good way to get started? Note AUS dollars - any quick calculations on ROI? - it depends on the cost of electricity I guess . . AUS 23.15 cents/kWh max:

Diamond Energy Energy Price Fact Sheet | PDF | Kilowatt Hour | Credit Card


That machine is overpriced for what it is.
A GTX 1050 will get you roughly usd $1.00 a day. the processor about usd 0.50 a day

With Black Friday/Cyber Monday you can (still) get a system that is 2x to 3x better for the same money, new.

though your power rates look to high for decent (if any) positive returns

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@CitricAcid ,

Pretty much what I guessed - thanks for the confirmation!

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I started by buying EVGA GTX 1060 SC cards (around US$230) each one, and kept buying more and more. I started with a 750W PSU (Power Supply Unit) that will allow you to connect 4. You will get around US$1.50/day per card with a 10-months return.

After that you will become adicted, and then buy a second PSU, a MB (Motherboard) with 13 PCI slots… and a new GTX 1060 every other month.

Note that Energy bill might be your return killer in many countries!