New to mining in zcash

I’m new to mining and for a couple days I’ve investigating about that. I found that in most popular currency it isnt cost effective to GPU mine. At the moment I have a quite old computer: i3-2120 and a nvidia gt620. I want to buy new components but i don’t have money at the moment so I was planning to get a bit of money with mining to be able to buy it sooner and mine better. Do you think is actually cost effective with that computer? And if so, what pools, etc… do you recommend? I’m literally new so it would be really helpful whatever you tell me :grinning:

for your current system spec…
you cannot even buy a USB cable for mining a month…

And how would it be with a gtx 1050 ti? Cause i think i can get one for some months for free

less than $ 55.42/month of profit

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