40,000 sol/s miner released

ASICminer Equihash | ASICminer Company.


Looks like a fake. What miner has a handle like that? You would stack these and the handle would get in the way.

You might be able to take the handle off…? Maybe? idk but it looks fake to me too. I like how they made portability a selling point:

Are you really going to be moving your miner around that much? And holy cow the weight of this thing! 27 kg (almost 60 pounds)!

This is absolutely a buyer beware product. I wouldn’t buy anything from them. If anyone has any experience with them please let us know.

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Wait so the Liquid coolant is sold separately?
If the thing is liquid cooled I’d think you would want it to come with it :stuck_out_tongue:
This raises further questions! Is it 60 pounds without the liquid?:joy:

Any legitimate seller of products with astonishing claims would send samples to neutral third parties for review and validation purposes. My company does this, and many others do as well since the consuming public can get a better perspective on things when the see reviews from established, respected and trusted media sources.

This ASIC miner has no information out there other than what the seller is claiming. For such a claim, it would behoove them to send a demo unit to someone like Linus Tech Tips or someone else to review and verify…though I don’t think they will do that.

Sadly, there will be some people who will get fleeced on this. Remember: If it looks too good to be true, IT IS (there are no exceptions to this axiom).


The Z9 mini is cheaper on a price/hashrate basis so I wouldn’t worry too much about this. It is less than $9,000 with power supplies to do 40k with it.

This is true, but the average person is limited to 1 z9 mini at 10k sols
I am sure Bitmain has a 40k under development or use. The mini is so small compared to most of their Asics, maybe the max is something like this. Anyways I am just throwing it out there as a “hmm”

Not anymore. Limit is 50 for Z9. Have at it.

Well of course. Must be worried that it will dead on arrival

yeah that’s not going to happen. There is absolutely no indication that the Zcash team is ever going to bother with a fork. All they have managed to sputter out after a month is a bunch of Political double talk laced with study the problem, and Maybe at some point…which means…nothing quite literally. They are doing nothing at all.

Frankly I think everyone should sell their zcash and not support the project. If zooko wants a bunch of ASIC miners, he will get a bunch of ASIC miners.

He actually suggested something a moment ago that doesn’t favor any side of the equation. It’s not ideal for a GPU centric person, but it certainly doesn’t hand the network over to Bitmain either.

I don’t know anything about this company. If anyone has had dealings with them, please let us know.

There isn’t much on them to be honest…what I did find wasn’t good:

I placed one order No. 2058 to the ASIC MINER MARKET on 14/02/2018 and also made payment of 25% of the agreed amount. In turn they gave me a tracking number which appears to be fake and told me to pay 25% more failing which they will withhold delivery of the parcel. They did not gave DHL tracking rather they gave me the tracking number of emsexpresslogdotcom a bogus company which i never heard. They were controlling/ manipulating the courier company website and putting pressure on me to pay 25% more. In India they are operating with email id arjunkishore827@gmaildotcom and mob no. 9206826729 and whatsapp no 919867424903 are associated with them showing their address ADDRESS: FC – 6, Wing B-1, Sector 16 A, Film City, Noida – 201301 INDIA on Gadgetnowincdotin and registered on INDIAMART with address C-33-A, Om Vihar, Uttam Nagar Noida, Uttar Pradesh. BEFORE finalising any deal kindly check on google map regarding authenticity of their office location. I STRONGLY BELIEVE that the seller I came across in the name of ASIC MINER MARKET is nothing but a GANG of SCAMMERS. Stay away from them and their so called courier company emsexpresslogdotcom which operates on unsecured webpage.

hey Moordrik, will you be able to get back the payment?

From how i read it as a non native English speaker he says that he found that on the internet doing some research, in the meaning he posted someone else experience.

That’s not me. That is a review I found complaining about them. Like I said very little was out there on this company. That was the only thing I could find.