Anyone Solo Mining with Bitmain Z9 Mini or Innosilicon A9 ZMaster?

Is anyone using the newest gen ASICs to solo mine? I understand it could be higher risk of finding nothing, but better reward and eat what you kill.

No, unless you have 600k H/s or more, you’re wasting $$$

I would say even more than that - maybe 2-3,000,000 Sol/s. That would be about 300x Z9 minis. A lot of risk for early batches.

Interesting. I wondered if it could be more profitable if you have 50k sols/sec on equihash to go solo, just for the excitement. It seems that the forks are coming this year on most of the EquH coins, but who knows? Several coins are almost as good as ZEC for profit in mining. I guess I will find a pool that works well with the Z9.

Anyone tried Luckpool?