BITMAIN Experience

What has been your experience with Bitmain?

I just ordered a Z9 Mini from them and I liked their process.

10K Sol/s for 850USD + 105USD Power Supply paid in BTC

Good luck with that…if the history of Dash helps to inform us of what will happen to ZCash when the ASICs deploy into service, expect a 20 time increase in mining difficulty within the first 90 days following the end of this month.

ASICs are only good for one person, and that’s the f****r who runs Bitmain.


Without cross-posting or duplicating, see Innosilicon’s announcement of their miner.

mind if I cross post?

Just FYI, you can power the Z9 mini on any desktop PSU with 4x 6-pin VGA connectors (650w+) on 120v or 220v. You don’t need a AWP++ which is way more power than necessary.

If you do buy the AWP++ PSU you should be able to power at least two Z9s on it.

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I have personally bought many S9 and L3+.
Miners have come on time or early. I have never had a problem. They always give me coupons, I have always roi’ed on my equipment personally. Bought the first batch of z9. Tried ordering from Avalon. Had problems. My buddy tried inoscillicon, he had problems.
Many people crap on Bitmain. But personally have not had a bad experience, same with all my friends/partners.

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Agreed that power supply is rated at what 1200W? Still overkill even with 2 X Z9’s on it, but for $105 it’s dirt cheap.

Thanks for the feedback! I wasn’t sure if the AWP++ was necessary, but I felt I better get it just in case.

I’ve never run an ASIC before, and honestly I’m curious to see how the whole thing sets up.

I just invested thousand into a sweet GPU rig last month, and It’s already old news. I picked up the Z9 to not get left behind…

Do you guys know how the mining config works with the ASIC? What mining program do you reco ?

It already comes preloaded with its own miner program. Basically you connect it to your network connect to it through a browser and type in pool info and off you go as easy as that

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I’am not sure what you mean with mining program as you do not have to install anything additionally to run an Asic. All settings like mining pool adress, worker id, password, overclock/downclock, fan settings are done in the Asic itself. Easy as hell.

Now if you had in mind for a program to watch/overview/edit your Asic settings from distance in case they are in another location than yours (like in my case they are about 4km away) than you need another PC in the Minerlocation. In my case i use teamview and Awesomeminer software to overview all Asics as it shows if the pools are working, one click change of pools, temperatures and i can even restart them from Awesomeminer and many more things.

Not sure if you had these things in mind, if you can describe exactly what you need or want to do i can answer more detailed.

I picked up the Z9 to not get left behind…

You might well get left behind near the end of the year as most Equihash coins, including Zcash, migrate away from (200,9), mostly to (144,5), which the Z9 mini won’t be able to handle.

Did i miss some announcement? Link to the source? Official Statement? Something to back up your “announcement”?

I phrased it as “You might well” to indicate my expectation based on sentiments expressed by Zcash developers.
I’m certainly not in any position to make official statements. But take it as my prediction that (200,9) has a limited shelf life…

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Strange, on the Bitcointalk forum you said the same, but without “you might well” which leaves in my opinion 2 options: Either you know more than most of us or you spread untrue information …

Re: Bitmain launches the Z9 Equihash miner
Bitmain launches the Z9 Equihash miner
06-06-2018, 20:11:52
There is no long run, with most coins moving away from (200,9) Equihash, including Zcash by end of year…

1:1 copy of your post

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Easy boxalex, Tromp has been around for awhile and is respected in the community. I think your just misinterpreting what he said, so let him clarify before you make a statement that he’s purposely saying something untrue.

Although I think he may be right about a switch coming…from what I see it will result in a coin split, with ZcashCo supporting either both chains, or just the existing one. But that is absolute pure speculation on my part.

I didn’t say it’s untrue, i said it’s one of 2 possible options as i can’t think about a 3rd one in that sentence he posted on bitcointalk… Either he has more info than we have or it’s untrue …, not?

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I understand, but your looking at the difference between two forum posts and drawing a conclusion based on it. I think it’s more of a case of poor wording on the Bitcoin talk post than knowing more than he’s letting on or trying to be misleading. I would simply ask @tromp to clarify what he means as the two posts don’t seem to agree with each other completely.

Sorry for my n00bness on this 1, but how long will that keep asics away ?
Has this to do with a larger need for memory ?
I am not the lazy guy, but would appriciate it if you could tell me what the difference is between the 2 in not to much words ( between 200.9 and 144.5 )

Thanks in advance ( don’t mind the spelling, english isn’t my languae and I have a rotten autocorrect on )

It would essentially “brick” current generation Z9, and it would probably hamper anything new they could come out with for awhile as I don’t think they can feasibly get that much memory on chip at the moment, which means it would have to be off chip, which would make it significantly slower (like Ethereum E3 seems to be). Will it “stop” and ASIC from occurring again…probably not.

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If I understood right, 144.5 needs at least 4 GB
Thanks Moordrik for the answer :slight_smile: