WTf is going on with zcash mining

WTF is going on with zcash?
the difficulty is going sky high but the price is going down?
should I mine another coin or keep with zcash?

could somebody explain how this could happen?

Wondering the same thing...same setup is barely yield half what it did a few weeks ago. I'm thinking difficulty is the problem with the increase of people getting into it but didn't expect such a drastic change in payout so quickly. I hope this doesn't continue. Sorry I don't have an explanation.

No one ever said mining crypto includes a 100% guarantee on your returns.
If you had started back a little after launch you would know that most of us were doing so because we expected gains long term, not short.
During that time we didn't see the price shoot up in as little time as those who are entering the space now; more steady growth over a long duration is preferred than these sudden bursts, but you can't dictate the market.
Diffi will continue to increase after the next leg up and the next leg up after that and so forth, so you'll need to get use to this factor and plan accordingly.
Either acquire more cards after each bump, switch over to another equihash based coin in which there are plenty to choose from and power down and sell gear.

Ethhash and Blake miners are exiting and entering Equihash.
Zcash is getting more press, going mainstream,
Remember when @cryptomined's had like a few thousand views? Now we over NINE THOUSAAAAND!


difficulty over 4.5Million before ......... 4.6 :wink:

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yes it went way down and I hope it stays that way.
And the price of zec is also very low but I hope it goes back up.
so I'm currently mining zec to sell it when it goes back up.

I hope it's soon

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compare with other crypto currency, Zcash have raised not much....
so sad......

Yes others are flocking to KMD and HUSH for time being but diff won't remain at current.
IMO price shall continue to rise, near or less close to *praise* @kek's targets seen here


y, HUSH has been a great hedge. Still has further room to grow, not long now til that bittrex listing @anon47418038 :wink:


flypool Hash Rate is over 90MH/S already....
double .... just 2 weeks around.

I'll go this way too

KMD is very good, they gave me a bountry for the mining video I did... I didnt ask... I need to do a video on the wallet as the wallet is awesome

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do you think that kmd or hush is good for people who want to sell it the next day miners?

komodo is trying a decentralized exchange to my understanding thats what makes it so special. Im not sure about hush, what makes hush special?

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hmm I might look into kmd more then.
IDK about hush the only thing that I know is that most exanche site don't support it and most pools are or slow or hasn't that many miners :slight_smile:

yeah download the wallet and check it out, its really cool, you can keep a load of different coins in it other than komodo

DEX is big sell. First to nail a scalable, user friendly exchange shall get all the things!

Their roadmap: Cross Chain Atomic Swaps, first zcash fork aiming to implement smart contracts, future IPFS integration, lightweight android wallet, all led by none other than our very own @anon47418038 :slight_smile:


Only exchanges listing hush is cryptopia and tradesatoshi (not as established/trusted), with more planned in the future.
For mining, suprnova's hush pool pays well.

after a while you'll notice the other coins will lose value whilst ZEC continues a slow, heathly, climb upwards with occasional violent rips as new money enters. imo, there's 2 reasons why ZEC feels sluggish: 1) we're still in the accumulation cycle
2) only economic activity ZEC's block chain's zcashco/investors/miners selling to speculators/traders (accumulation)
we do have smart bitcoiners using ZEC as a pass through, but that's not enough.. starting next month ; we'll have real economic activity on our chain ...added velocity will be expressed via exchange rates