500 + difficulty - what's up?

The devs can answer better the origin of that magic number.

If you follow the snippet of @sarath-hotspot github you can compile the integrated @tromp solver onto zcashd.

I believe you are still using the default miner which gives about more or less .06Sol/s

Would you mind sharing a tid bit on how to do this? as you are correct I am only doing .06sol/s…

Please and thank you in advance!

I read the snippet but we VIM or nano a cpp file? Uncomment… then recompile? Lost… I think I have amnesia today haha!


I thinks he refers about this repo.

would you be so kind to provide the commands to get this to work… I am having a hard time getting this to work.

For what it is worth, I mined a block today on the generic zcash miner. The sarath-hotspot, not yet. It may just be luck or the difference in hardware. I’m not sure but it is nice to see the machine get a block.

Difficulty can be quite variable. During this testing phase almost nobody is mining 24/7, so the difficulty will shoot up and down like a badger on a bungee cord.

At this point, it looks like the maximum value is a cheap dual core desktop with at least 3gb RAM. When there is less than that much memory it seems to only mine on one core and switch back and forth.

Ubuntu Gnome seems easy on the system, as well.