Zcash Claymore CPU mining - Nheqminer - Difficulty level & Sol/s | Hashrate

I'm new to this ... what is the Difficulty level? How would I change it?

What does the difficulty do?

Also, I am running 4 rigs via laptops that I have ... each of them have 4GB Memory (50% used) and CPU 2.0GHz *2 ... running at 50% ... I am currently getting a Hashrate of 4.5 and a Sol/s=1.12

Is this a good hashrate and Sol/s? ... I know I don't have one of the Big Rigs running heaps of traffic .... just wondering if my little setup is running appropriately.

Thanks much

I have 1100 sols/s= 5USD/day

Wow ... what is your rig made up of? Thanks for your reply. What is your hashrate? Is that also a good measure of the speed of the rig?


R9 295x2, 7850, 7950, R9 280x

sweet setup, thanks for sharing!

how much in electricity per month does it take to run?

I live in Ucraina
1500 grn /m = 50$/m

So you make about $100 per month? Is this a GPU unit? Does a GPU unit rely on Graphics cards for processing power? Thanks, learning a lot ... I'm from Australia.

Yes) only gpu

do you know what difficulty is? can it be set?

You can't do a comparison with difficulty rising and falling every day,earnings for me are different every day using fixed difficulty and you have to make allowances for luck as well, this information does not mean fixed difficulty is better than (vardiff)

Im currently running 3 GTX1060 3gb on a MSI z97 gaming 5 and getting 900+ SOL/s. Getting a 4th card in Sunday. At times I see 1k+ SOL/s from suprnova. I have Windows 10 and I have used EWBF https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1707546.0 and also the new NICEHASH https://github.com/nicehash/nheqminer/releases Both seem to do about the same. I am currently using 405 W with a meter and I pay .05 in kw/h. I can find the cards for under 200 with the right deals.

Hi everyone, I am new to Zcash mining and I see people having 40 sol/s for their CPU but my CPU only reaches 16 sol/s. I have an Intel Core i7 6th Gen 6700K (4.00 GHz) and 8 GB DDR4. I am using nheqminer-5c. Is there something I should change?