Zcash Mining Proficiency drastically gone down?

Hi to all, I’m mining whit nanopool and ewbfminer 0.34.b with a 6 1060gtx mining rig. Since 2 or 3 days proficiency drastically gone down with a payment every 16 hours (before one every 10) same sol\s (near 1930). I can see very much “devfee share accepted” than i’ve never seen and in calculator from 250$ a monthi’ve drained to 150$…tried also to change miner, but same behaviour…is changed everything?? Have i lost something on the road?? thank you everyone.

Your hashrate seems about right… Maybe this has to do with the increased difficulty? Not too sure.

Thats a good source to check difficulty.

thank you, I was asking quite this…is that increased difficulty in the 3 last days??

The difficulty is rising drastically with the price of zec continues to fall. Zec is becoming one of the lower profitability of coins to mine. Difficulty hit an all-time high of 12.5m on March 2nd. I have switched my main rigs to eth for now. Only my main computer with an older gtx 970 continues to mine zec.

I keep mining zec because I am not mining for short term profits. I personally believe this coin can be a lot more expensive so I am trying to get a bunch and HODL

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So do you mean that lower price increase difficulty? Someone talking of Zcash about the new Bitcoin and suppose a great grow during this year…sincerely i’ve some doubt about this…i think i can start mine eth too…but if after ZEC will grow to 1000-2000$

What I think he meant is with the price going down and the difficulty going up also it drives the profitability down. Difficulty doesn’t drive price down.

OK, but he’s right…if you’ve to mine for having quite electricity costs that balance mining there’s no reason to mine…ok for a long term investment, but during long term you’ve also to pairing with balance i think…adding that i’ve spent 2.000$ on the RIG…i’ve to absorb them :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


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