6-card 750ti rig

How much would a 6-card 750ti rig make zcash per month let’s say?I’m trying to start mining but i couldn’t find anywhere a calculator that i could understand.

Already set it up for you for 6 750ti click me

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I am not sure where you are byuing yoir gpus but to give you a perpective. In norway the 750ti is selling for 1500 NOK but you could find 1050ti for 1300 NOK or similar price or a bit higher. My question is why buy the 750ti at a similar price as the 1050ti when you get better hashing power with the later. Or if you are gonna spent 9000NOK why not buy 2 Rx 580 8gb or 2x 1070 ? Which will produce much higher hashing per sec.

And dont say electricity. Is not that big of a difference

Because i’m not starting with 6 cards.im starting with 2 and building up to 6.i don’t have the money to buy two gtx 1070’s

ok fair enough, the era of 750 ti is over, there are far better gpus tbh so try to do some research for your next buy, I understand that we are not all rich and we have to consider a lot of stuff from real life as well. But because a GPU is cheap doesnt mean with 6 of its kind your will make more profit…dont buy 1070 but safe for a few more months and get at least a 1060 or RX 570 if not 1050 ti are better than 750ti.
Once i am back from holidays I can post some tweaks I did to my 750ti to mine monero at maximum h/s. for ZEC is not so great though even though Nvidia cards are good for ZEC mining.