6 GPU Rig Question

I finally have a full 6 GPU rig and I have a kind of a noob question.
I have one poorly performing GPU. But it’s not dead so it heats up pretty good.
Is there a trick for figuring out which one it is without unplugging and restarting 5 times?
Claymore id’s it as GPU3 and I am using an H81 btc pro mb, Win10. If anyone has a tip or two I would appreciate it.

Okay so claymore has an option of disabling any gpu for mining. So claymore identifies it as gpu3 … so just press " 3" number on your keyboard while the miner is active and the gpu no 3 will stop mining. Wait for 30 odd seconds and the gpu no 3 will have no fans in operation. And there you are… you have your stale egg :).
Hope this helps.

Happy mining.


You are a magic man. Thanks!

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Glad I could help .