6 GPUs and only 4 working - Biostar TB250-BTC and GTX1060 GB

Hello folks.

I am building my first mining rig and i am having issues to get all the 6 GPUs to work and mine as they should.

With 4 GPUs the rig works fine but, when connecting the 5th and 6th GPU the rig does recognizes the 6 GPUs but it only shows 4 mining,1 with 0 degrees of temp and 0 hashing and 1 with 9 hashing power and 0 degrees of temp

I already changed the PCIs to GEN2 in the BIOS.

Please help!! (Please keep in mind that i am new here and i do not know anything about mining nor programming).

Here are my rig's specs:
* Biostar TB250-TBC
* LGA1151
* 6x GeForce GTX 1060 6Gb
* SSD 120Gb
* 4Gb Ram
* 2x EVGA 850 GQ

maybe faulty risers? riser pins

Thanks ,... problem got solved by updating the BIOS to it latest version... :slight_smile: