6 GPU Rig with Rosewill 1200W PSU

I am trying to set up a rig with 6 gtx 1070 cards. The PSU didn’t have enough cables to support 6 PSU’s, only 4. Also, it only came with two SATA cables which means I am going to have to power the SSD and the 6 risers from just 2 cables. I don’t think that’s a good idea. My question is, do I get another PSU or is there some way I can get this to work with additional cables? For a rig with my specs, is two PSU common and if so what should I use?

the SSD and risers will be ok the problem would be if you try to power the GPUS with anything else than a PCIe power cable or the12V 8 pins motherboard connector (older psu have 4+4 pins ) …you can use another PSU that is not a problem and based on your skills you can just add a switch or hardwired the corect pins on the 24pin mobo conector to start it up or u can purchase one of these http://www.add2psu.com/ , these are basically digital switches as soon as the molex from first PSU will get power it will start the second automatically