GPUs stopped working


This period I am testing my first 6x1080 Ti mining rig. Everything was working fine (4300 sols) for 4-5 days until today. From the 6 GPUs it seems that only 3 work. All connections from 2 PSUs are fine, risers are OK, PSUs “test” (fan test) is OK etc. From the 6 GPUs none has lights on the brand (ASUS) as they used to have. Also only 3 of them have working fans and only 3 “blow” air (but not hot as they used to be). Lastly I can not connect my monitor using an HDMI cable as I used to do my monitor erros says “no video input”

I had in mind a PSU error but as i mentioned before, “test” (working fan) is OK.

My bad, what was your temps?

Around 65-70 degrees

i`m having similar issues

6 x 1080 TI , all can work very well for a week, suddenly just stop working (temperature never higher then 68) and i need to reboot.

Found the problem, but not the solution. All 6 cards working properly when they are connected directly to the motherboard. Tested one by one. Unfortunately when i plug the riser again one by one GPU they do not work. So problem is to risers. 6 risers broke at the same time? Is it possible? what to do next?

I had a series of bad risers, could not get more then 4 GPUs to work same time.

once i replaced to a new v 006 with 6pin it all resolved and now running 8 GPUs

Unfortunately problem is PSU. I do not know why “test” was OK.

too many risers per cable
dont use the molex to sata extension cables…
honestly the risers should just not come with those extensions

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The rule is to dont plug more than two risers per cable, right?

max 2, do whatever you can to do only 1 per cable if possilbe… 2 per cable is last resort


You should use sata raiser rev 007.

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actually he should use sata ver008 or molex ver009

sata ver008

molex ver009

they are very dependable, everyone i have tried worked perfectly, and they have a blue led on them showing they are on. no previous versions have the led.


Yes, actually i meant at least ver 007. All my cards are on sata 007, and have no problem with them.