Building my first rig! Just two minor questions

I’m planning on building my first rig with a single 1080ti and have a few questions

  1. If I want to add another 1080ti down the road what watt PSU should I get. Would 1000 do or should I go up to 1250?
  2. I live in an apartment and the only space I have for it is in my bedroom. Would a single 1080ti make so much noise and draw so much heat that it would be unreasonable to have there? or should I try to make room somewhere else? (I live near NY, so the heat would only be a problem in the summer)

Thanks in advance! Hope to get my rig going soon!

Even it would seem “quite” it’s not. 1 card, 2 cards or 3 cards. It just drives you crazy.

1000 should be fine with 2-3 1080ti. 2 for sure.

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  1. A 1000 W should be fine
  2. A single 1080ti should not be a problem. Just don’t keep congest it.
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A 650W PSU with 4x PCIE 6+2 connector will ne enought

By another 1080ti what was you meaning? 1?

I mean it I want to expand from 1 1080ti to 2

One 1080ti averages 250-280 watts depending on overclocking. So 2 1080ti’s can be used with a 1000W PSU

Ok ~85W will be left on a 650W if u use a celeron or pentium and 1080Tis at 100%TDP you can go with 700W if you want more margin but that isnt required :slight_smile:

~25W left on a 650W what are your calculations

You dont use risers to plug only two cards reassure me

No I won’t haha. Didn’t even build the thing yet

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