600w Secondary PSU for 2 x R9 270x?

Hi. I plan to build a rig with this specs:

EVGA 500W for:

Pentium G4400
HD 7950

and Corsair CX600M for:
2 x R9 270X
2 Risers

Is the Corsair PSU enough for 2 R9 270X? Considering that each r9 consume 150-200w…

Second card will be powered by this: Amazon.com


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I think its ok:slight_smile:

You can use up to 100% of the PSU. So yes, it will be good. Ideally, you might go for no more than about 90% of capacity as I understand it. Also, I use the Add2PSU and have found it to be awesome. I cannot speak to the cable that you have listed. If you are planning to mine for a while, I would highly recommend getting a Platinum or Titanium PSU. A 5% increase in efficiency could pay off the difference in a year or two. You should also have no issue running All of what you have listed off of one 650w power supply. So far all I have used is EVGA power supplies. The G2 and P2 series have been great.

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Thanks you for the recomendation! I don’t pay for electricity here in my country so the power efficiency is not a problem. i have this 2 psu from 2 gaming pc so i will use it.

My only problem is what cable should i use? One of 2 molex to 2 6+2pin or 2 of 2 molex to 6 pin…