6x Powercolor Red Devil RX480 8GB Crashing

Hello, i am having issues with one of my rigs.

Hardware setup:

Motherboard: Z97X-GAMING 3
CPU: Intel core i3
Ram: 2x 8GB Kingston
Hdd: 1x 128GB Kingston
Psu: Leadex Titanium 1600W
Gpu: 6x Powercolor Red Devil RX480 8GB
Risers: PCI-E 16X to 1X Adapter USB3.0 USB 3.0 Riser Cable Flex Flexible Extension Cable w/ Molex 4 Pin Power Connector

The problem is that only 4 of them work, always 2 of GPU’s after working for a few seconds they drop and they don’t mine anymore.

I have tried both Windows and Linux with Claymore and Optiminer, same issue with 2 gpu’s dropping after a few seconds.

Any advice would be helpful.


What is your intensity in claymore

Are your sure you riser are good

What is your pouwer supply

Have you set GEN2 on your bios

Yes, i have tried all gen options, PSU is Leadex Titanium 1600W

ok what is the intensity

btw how much are you getting on those card

Intensity in Claymore is 6 by default and 5 on Optiminer, they do around 220 - 225 sols.

that is quite low start at -i 0 wirk your way up

if not reinstall your amd driver

I have tried everything, reinstalling drivers, reinstalling OS, replacing risers.

Nothing works though.

do you have a pick of your riser and molex connection

great power supply, but ive warned people about the low quality mosfets on those cards… people have complained on the ocverclcoekrs forum about the cards crashing with some OC and memory timing straps upped… though I would not be surprised if they just crash through hardcore mining

I would return them (red devils) and get some quality cards like XFX or Sapphire…

dont get me wrong, love the “devil”… but those cards are insulting to satan himself… and he is pretty hard to insult.

email powercolor/dataland and tell them: next time spend money on quality mosfets instead of marketing and design costs for what doesn’t really matter… those cards were very dissapointing… i was really expecting better from powercolor/dataland and am honestly upset that because of those low quality mosfests… i can’t buy any

Agreed, since i’ve tried everything i have to admit that cards may be faulty.

But they stop mining systematically, you can’t pick one and say this is faulty.

On Windows with Claymore they crash with blue screen following later, on Linux 4 of them work all the time and 2 of them drop after a few seconds.

I have the same cards about 100 of them not one problem with any of them. I don’t get 225 sol’s though about 212 average. So it sounds like your overclocking them. Another thing to watch is the temperature readings are wrong.

Two things clip on a voltage meter to the 12 volt input on top of the card. Use a infrared thermometer gun.
You are either over heating them or you are running low on on the 12 volt side.

I use two hot swap 1200 watt power supplies to run 8 of these cards. No problems at all with 100 cards. I rarely use the ATX high power supplies. I just find that if you put too many functions in a small box it always has problems. I know your thinking the 1600 watt power supply will have no problems but i pull 1200 watts real world steady on 6 cards plus motherboard and 1500 with 8 cards. I would assume it’s the PSU first but I also use a small hand held infrared temperature gun and check the steel plates on the back to see what temp your running.

sorry i forgot to add I have had to replace the Z97 gaming 3 boards I have about 9 of them that went bad after staying hot for a month. I use the BTC motherboard for 6 gpu rigs and amd motherboards for my 12 and 18 gpu rigs.

Thanks for your advice, about Z97x i did the opposite, i switched from H81 to Z97x.

Also, temperatures based on Sensors software i use are around 65 - 75.

hi , can i know what’s the driver version you are using ? I am using 16.6.2 and if i didn’t low the mem clock to 1950mhz & core clock to 1250mhz they restart , i am using evga 1000 platinum psu, windows 10 64x , 8gb ram , msi z97 xpower the temp is 89-94 on both card.claymore 12.5 is the miner.

It sounds lie you have an overheating issue, look at the temps.

I custom set all the fans to 95% when claymore starts so no BS but recently I started moving everything to liquid cooling and just using my own custom liquid cooling that way i can overclock the hell out of all the cards and keep the stable and cool.

btw also check the intensity level i reduced mine down to keep everything stable but overclocked the card to get the extra little bit this way i’m getting same power usage and same output as most of you with a crappy 4gb memory card.