New to mining - need help on set up the first rig

I just started mining about 2 weeks. I mined with my XPS8500 with 2x FXF rx 480x. one card directly plug to mainboard. second card plug to riser. I recently bought 1 more rx480x and a riser. As soon as i started mining with 3 cards, my system crash. I ordered 4 different risers, but it keep crashing on me. Is it my mainboard problem or the risers problem?
Can you help me to determine the problem?? thanks

Could be any of the above, but it also could be power related. What brand/wattage is your PSU rated at? Are you feeding each GPU and riser from a dedicated cable from your PSU? Also, if you are using those SATA cable adapters to feed your riser that could also be a problem.

The more detailed information on your setup that you can provide the easier it will be for someone to try and help you.

I have the same experience with you before. Mined on re-used motherboard gigabyte 970a-ds3 and shortly after that the system crashed, even sudden-power off. The main problem were on motherboard VRM, it could not handle the load from 2x RX 480 (mine using Nitro 480 now) and it activated the PSU OCP to shut down the PC. I think your problems could be on motherboard, or... power supply. Btw what kind of power supply are you using right now?

and have you tried it on another motherboard?

i recently just bought a EVEA 1000Watt PSU. I don't think power supply is a problem. it only taks 340W from the outlet to run 2 x rx480. I ran another test couple hours ago.
- 1st case: 2 rx480 using riser. everything fine
- 2nd case: 1 video using riser, 1 video card direct plug. also fine
- 3rd case: 3 video cards using risers. One of the cards will crash while mining Zcash using Claymore. Typically the 1st and 3rd cards crashed.

Why is it a problem if using Sata cable to feed riser? im using Sata rn. That's the only way to power up the risers right?

if you use sata to molex adaptator it will crash ( with RX 480 ), you should use psu molex directly to the riser...

sata and molex are different intensity..

Hope it will help you

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The SATA connector only uses three pins rated at 1.5A each to provide 12V power, thus limiting you to 4.5A or about 54 watts. The PCIe bus is designed to be able to deliver up to 75 watts to a GPU, so you are only about half-way there using those adapter plugs. The 4-pin Molex connector can deliver up to 9 Amps over its 1 (larger) 12V pin, thus it is able to deliver 108 watts safely surpassing the specification. Also it is a good idea to not feed more than 2 risers per Molex cable coming off of your PSU for the same reasons, as the gauge of wire cannot support this many Amps or watts.


hmm.. ima try to test it again today. I'm using this mainboard to mine.
Dell Studio XPS 8500 Vostro 470 Intel Desktop Motherboard LGA1155

At this point, i think my mainboard is a problem. Because when i mined with 3 video cards. The card that directly plugged to the mainboard, was shutdown. It shown in CMD screen with 0H/s for like 1-2 mins then Blue screen showed up

Please help me. I bought a Biostar TB85 mainboard today and used Molex from PSU. I still couldn't run with 3 gpus. the System crash after 2 mins mining.

Are you running with stock settings? that's strange.. what psu do you have? i have created the rig based on this , true that i had a lot of crashes but with every time with the same GPU, i just lowered the mem and is mining since then with no problem.

Try to make a test with different PSU..

I actually have that motherboard in one of my rigs, so I know for a fact that can handle 6 GPUs, so three should be easy. I assume you reinstalled everything from scratch when you got the new mobo, the OS, drivers, etc.?

So just so we are clear on your build, I have read your posts again and believe you now have the following: (if you can fill in the missing info that would be helpful)

  • PSU: EVGA 1000Watt PSU
  • Biostar TB85 motherboard
  • 3 x XFX RX 480 GPUs
  • RAM? (Brand and amount)
  • CPU? (Brand and model)
  • Storage? (Do you boot from HDD, SDD, Flash drive, also Brand and size)
  • OS? (Linux or Windows and version)
  • Graphic drivers version?
  • Mining program? Looks like Claymore from previous post?

Also how many GPU's are using risers? I assume with the Biostar board you have at least 2 on risers, but you may have all 3.

If you do have access to another PSU it wouldn't hurt to try. EVGA are good units and as you said you are not even close to pushing it, but even with the best sometimes equipment fails and EVGA is no exception.

After several testing, it was one of my video card. I will send it back to newegg to get a new one soon. My rig is up and running with 3 gpu now. Can EVGA 1000W handle enough 6 gpu?

@jimmy18486 Yes it should but i recommend to get 1100 1200 one