8 GPU mining rig for sale up to 225MH/s

I have got One Ethereum Mining Rig Availble now… 8 GPUs RX 570 (4 x MSI and 4 x Gigabyte) power consumption 1300W Hash rate 205/225 Mh/s Pictures upon request… contact via txt. 07902731663

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What price are you looking for before I go any further?

That’s pretty crazy. I built 2 rigs capable of mining a total of 400 MH/s+ for less than that…!

What hones price you suggest?

Well, that’s entirely up to you and the market. I was merely surprised at how much you believe you can sell it for. I recognize that GPUs have become scarce and expensive.

Waiting for offers , then

1 Usd plus shipping…

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Four healthy goats and one chicken right now if we can share the shipping :slight_smile:

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