RX 470 and 480 Speed

Hey, just wanted to ask if there is anybody who can tell me (or proof) the hashrate of the following cards:

RX 470 4GB (~23Sol/s, Buried One Ethereum, Video)
RX 470 8GB (~25Sol/s, only read it)

RX 480 4GB (~28Sol/s, only read it)
RX 480 8GB (~34Sol/s, only read it)

The overclocked hashrate would be nice too.

Thank you!

Want a screenshot :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Yeah, would be nice :slight_smile:

Thank you!
You will surely recommend the fury x for zcash or?
Wanted to buy up to 6 RX 480 but well, now I see a better result ^^
Are those 8GB or 4GB RX 480’s?

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Good gosh. That’s no better than used PCs that use less electricity and cost the same and you don’t have to buy supporting equipment except for a switch.

Jex i told you rx470 or 480 if you have the extra cash, you been asking this question for a month already

Hmm, I have 23 sol/sec on 1 CPU :slight_smile: Do u really want to burn power on GPU now?

I use a “normal” PC, only getting 13Sol/s and it uses about 400W ^^
And the RX 480 can mine many other cryptocoins very good.
Buried One Ehtereum is using 4xRX 470 4GB, downpowered all and is getting about 85Sol/s and it’s only use 230W

what CPU ? E3 1231 ? i7?

rx470 costs the same as an E3,… so since you dont have to buy an extra motherboard and PSU
better to load up with 1 good CPU and 6 GPUs

85 is horrible, he doesn’t know what he is doing…
im getting 200 Sol/s with 6 470s

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:wink: no, AMD FX-8300, on very cheap board.

Yeah, but I’m new to cryptomining and want to get the best for the less money ^^ I can buy a 480, that’s not a problem. Now I’m sure that I will get the rx 480 because it’s better in Ethereum and Zcash ^^

cool amd
not many people using amd, i wanted to build one rig with an amd processor
just finished a 7-GPU rig on MSI Z97 gaming 5

just get a 470 and then add some more… or get a 480 if you want the better ram on the card (samsung)
get an E3 1231 CPU and that should add another 20 sol/s

take this one o better, not lower.

I get 18 Sol/s with 50 Watts on an old PC (cost me $130), which is the same ratio as the rx 470.

how many cores if not a secret?

Just 4 cores and using nheqminer. 200 Sol/s with 6 rx 470s with power supply and CPU is pretty competitive with 12 used PCs and the $20 switch. So I would not go so far to say that GPU’s are a bad idea for Zcash mining.

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Yo cryptomined, your advices are a f…g goldmine! Thanx man. Please be so kind to report if MSI Z97g5 is able to run stably with 7 gpus. And is 1200W supply enough for such a rig ?

The 480s are XFX GTR XXX - 8 GB with Hard-Swap fans